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The weather is definitely changing! Warm weather pilots are sure to be making some pilots jealous with the cold in other parts of the world. Regardless of the changing seasons, Mac Para is busier than ever designing and improving the paragliders pilots love. Below are the latest updates.

Mac Para Muse 3 RS - History in the Making
The Muse 3 RS is gaining a strong hold for being an excellent paraglider for safety without compromising sportiness. If you haven’t had a chance to fly it, the Muse 3RS is creating a class of its own. Pilots love its care free ride with extraordinary glide. It features easy launch, sporty handling and excellent stability. The Muse 3RS is a great intermediate glider and it’s at the top of LTF/EN-A class. Like most Mac Para paragliders, the Muse 3RS is perfect for both paragliding and paramotoring flying styles.

Muse 3

Two New Sizes to the Muse 3 RS Family:

Muse 3 RS Size 21: Due to the increased popularity of the Muse 3RS, it makes for a perfect EN A wing for light weight pilots that paragliding schools have been searching for. We decided to confirm and certify the Mac Para Muse 3 RS in the size 21.

Muse 3 RS Size 34: To keep everyone happy and leaving no one out, a Muse 3 RS size 34 has been skillfully designed. This will be perfect for extra heavy pilots, powered trikes and quads. (We do not plan to certify this size but rest assured, it will be just as safe as the other certified sizes).

Fly in Peace
Petr Recek
Muse 3
Muse 3
Muse 3
Muse 3
Muse 3
Muse 3
Zoom flat [%]879295.7100104.5111
Area flat [m2]21.2423.7525.728.0630.6434.57
Area projected [m2]19.4821.7823.5625.7328.131.7
Span flat [m]10.3110.911.3411.8512.3813.15
Aspect ratio flat555555
Root cord [m]2.542.692.792.923.053.24
Weight [kg]4.74.955.
Weight range [kg]*58-7567-8575-9585-110105-135115-150
Weight range [lbs]*128-165148-187165-209187-243231-298254-331
Min. speed [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Max. speed [km/h]36-3836-3836-3836-3836-3836-38
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]44-4645-4745-4745-4745-4745-47
Glide ratio8.
Min. Sink rate[m/s]
Certificatein process LTF/EN-ALTF/EN-ALTF/EN-ALTF/EN-A-
* pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 20 Kg (44 lbs)
Muse 3
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