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The Mac Para Manifesto

“Hang Yourself” using the NEW Mac Para
lightweight Carabineers

(Note: only for pilots that take their flying seriously)

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Your Life Depends on it
Every pilot knows that carabineers safely connect your harness to your paraglider. Carabineers are your “lifeline” when flying. Mac Para is pleased to introduce the latest materials to set the carabineer standard higher than ever. The new Mac Para Zicral LockJaw carabineer is extremely strong, durable and lightweight.

Tough, Light and Easy to Use
Constructed with extra strong Zicral Aluminum the LockJaw carabineer is made to perform in the toughest environments. They are made to be operated with one hand and are self-locking to prevent accidental openings giving you peace of mind when launching. They are lighter than INOX carabineers by over 100Grams! Two LockJaw carabineers only weigh 120g.

Mac Para Quality
Add a little color to your harness. The LockJaw’s come with an attractive color that will provide many years of service. Not only do they look cool, they have the professional fit and finish that display the quality Mac Para is known for.

What are You Waiting For?
If it’s time to replace you carabineers or you want to fly with the latest gear, the Mac Para LockJaw carabineers are a perfect choice. Contact your local Mac Para dealer for pricing and place an order.

It’s recommended that you replace your carabineers every 5 years or if it has been damaged in any way.

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