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Pasha 6
Biplace Glider


Our "luxury flying saloon for two" - the Pasha 5 - has convinced the flying community by retaining performance and good flying characteristics during its long life time.

Many Pasha 5 wings made more than 1,000 flight hours and are still performing well and in good shape.

When designing our new tandem glider we kept the Pasha 5 in our mind in order to set the targets for the new one.

What about you? What would be your targets and wishes for a tandem glider? What features and behaviour are you expecting from a tandem when you are looking for a new one?

  1. Incredible performance?
  2. A solid partner for easy and difficult conditions?
  3. Long durability?
  4. Soft but sporty handling (of course) across the whole weight range?
  5. Solid and easy takeoff with cool lifting on flat launch sites?
  6. Low overshooting tendencies in stronger winds on steep take-offs?
  7. Light?
  8. Enough stability when you have to make movies of your passenger in bumpy thermals by releasing the brake toggles?
  9. Excellent climb rates while thermalling?
  10. Damn simple flair on landing?
Pasha 6
Pasha 6

When targets are set, you insert them into a computer and the new glider is born.......... :-) Who’s interested in robots.

I could write here, the Pasha 6 is better then any tandem we have flown. We have never been happier. Yes, this is exactly what we always want to hear. But!

I don’t want to introduce the new tandem in this way.

It is you, the professionals, who can discover:
  • if the Pasha 6 really is a working tool to share the feeling and fun of flying in a pleasurable way.
  • if it is as perfect for a commercial pilot as for a pilot focused on cross country flights.
  • if it will fully satisfy your requirements.
  • if it has great cross country potential.
  • if it has an excellent glide ratio.
  • etc., etc.
I only can recommend… it's worth a try!

Happy landings
Peter Recek

Technical Specifications
Pasha 6
Pasha 6
Zoom flat [%]96100
Area flat [m2]39.2142.55
Area projected [m2]31.834.5
Span flat [m]14.3514.95
Aspect ratio flat5.255.25
Root cord [m]3.423.56
Weight [kg]6.87.5
Weight range [kg]*110-190130-220
Weight range [lbs]*265-419309-485
Min. speed [km/h]24-2524-25
Max. speed [km/h]36-3836-38
Top speed [km/h]45-4745-47
Glide ratio9.79.7
Min. Sink rate[m/s]1.11.1
* pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 23 kg (50 lbs)

Pasha 6

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Pasha 6


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