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News from Kossen 2014
Elan Kossen 2014


Paragliding Testival in Kössen,

welcomed us with showery weather on Thursday. Despite splashing under their shoe soles the "stallholders" prepare their inflatable palaces. They look up on the sky with a hope for sun which could alternate steady rain. Friday the same - rain again. Finally on Saturday and Sunday we saw the sky full of paragliders. A lot of pilots came to test new wings and harnesses. The weather was quite changeable but fortunately offered flying in weak thermals.

I accepted the invitation from MAC PARA with enthusiasm. Peter Recek - MAC PARA designer lured me to Kössen to test their new EN-C wing ELAN. I agreed.

From the first moment when I flew the ELAN in thermals I felt in love with it. Flight comfort and feeling of safety are crowned with its peak performance. Perfect and precise handling and stability with no surprising movements gave me a courage to try wingovers and SATs which I really enjoyed. More than 40 pilots also tried the ELAN out. All of them just confirmed my personal feelings. We were excited! Thanks Peter and whole MAC PARA team for this new XC glider for "serial class" pilots!

I think due to number of visitors (I estimate there were hundreds of people) could be satisfied not only the organizers, but also manufacturers who presented their companies and products. I am looking forward to visit Kössen again.

 Jan Jasko


Trip to Kössen was again successful. Besides other things, we had wonderful flying time, tested new prototypes and took beautiful aerial shots. Mainly, we allowed more than 50 pilots to test new ELAN. Their smiling faces confirmed that ELAN is actually succeeded and its flight characteristics satisfy the wide range of pilots.



Magus Elan