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PWC 2008 - Spain

Mac Gliders

Sunday. Nevertheless organizers sent us to take off, to freeze and listen to obligatory security briefing. After two hours they canceled today's competition day and announced free amusement. Somehow they forgot to tell us that even for free flight are weather conditions not the best.
Perhaps half of competition field took off with hip hurrah into the air. I think that just after one minute in the air many of flying pilots were sorry, that there're not rather underfoot. I made landing in a half of the mountain so i could observe 30 gliders,which pilots tried all what they can do. Some of them needed more then one hour with big airs to land safely. It would be interesting to download their "tracklogs" from "fear boxes".

Monday. Today the task was cancelled in the morning due to "swiss weather forecast" for today. Tomorrow the rain will stop and finally we can expect some nice flying and good results for Macpara. Yesterday the task was cancelled at the take off, but anyway we took off, have some fun in the air but later it was not so fun anymore. The rain comes from west direction so we fight with the wind and rain to land safe at the landing place. Later in the day we enjoyed the football match between Czech and Turkey. I made a bet for a wrong team....:)



Tuesday. Although it was raining in the morning organizers decided for competititon day. On the take off it did not look well. Everywhere rain with cloudbase under the take off  and we had to wait in the coldness.Organizers changed three times the task . We had to change coordinates of new tasks in according to the local rainfalls.
There was a very pessimistic mood in our czech team. Few times we came to the organizers with a question " would you fly if you would be alone here?" In one accord they answered "NO, but......" Finally we take off and begin 38 km long task at 17.15. It is a lotery and fight with clouds like all tasks by those conditions. The most gaining person was me because i came second to the goal.



Wednesday. After the rainy days at the beginning and the tuesday's short task the organizers showed themselves. Set up task  was 140km.

At the beginning 13km out and return back to the take off and then 120km followig the ridge in the direction of the first turn point. The type of start was a small mystery as well. Though it was declared as an air start the time from window opening to start was only 10 minutes so it turned up to be an ground start.

The first half there was not much of the wind, nice cloud bases at 2400m, no surprise therefore the field did not separate too much. Then we flew into another valley totaly cloudless but the strong wind showed up. Fortunately almost in the flight direction. Tom made a great flight at the third position. All the MAC pilots made it to the goal me being the last one 20 minutes after the winner. That is not so bad considering that the last came to the goal even two hours after us.



Thursday. After yesterday's monstrous 140km task, today's 95k's seemed almost short.  The first part, along the main ridge and mostly with the West wind, was fast and easy.  At the big valley gap, about 20km East of launch, I was at the lead with Karel, but we, together with Simon Issenhut, crossed too deep into the mountains and then we had some troubles coming out of the mountains, so the first group overtook us from lower altitude in front of the ridge.  It was only the beginning, but I thought I had missed the first group, until, together with the second group, we were lucky to find a boomer of a thermal in the flats, so we overtook the first group and made them come climb with us.

I could climb to the top of it first, so I managed to take the lead with some other guys, as we were going back against the West wind along a big ridge leading to the Turbo peak.  On the way to the Turbo it was interesting playing with the ridge and the numerous natural bowls carved into the ridge.  The fast option seemed to be to cruise along the ridge to the next bowl, then go a little inside it and find a strong enough thermal to get you up fast enough so the head wind wouldn't blow you too far back.  On the way we met with Stéphane and kept pushing ahead with some other guys.

About 6k before the end of the ridge a group of about 10 pilots founda very strong thermal, went to cloudbase and chose not to go all the way to the end of the ridge, instead taking the risky option anddiving into the lee and some hills towards the goal, which was quite far...  The winner of the day came from that group – congratulations
to Karlo Bonacic – again!

Meanwhile, the rest of us kept pushing towards the end of the ridge and the pass before the Turbo peak, but while the others got stuck at the pass and eventually had to dive low into the lee towards goal, with Stéphane Drouin and Simon Issenhut we found a better climb that allowed us to go on a safe and fast final glide, overtaking Urban and some others guys from the guys from the pass, and giving me and Stéphane the win of that second, not-so-risky group.  So today I'm 7th, Stéphane 8th.

The good news  for the day for me is  that  it was a  discard  day, so I'll finally be able to overcome my two 0's from Switzerland  and  hopefully move from  about 50th in the Overall  PWC ranking  to about 3rd! The meteoman's promising us two more strong days, so stay tuned!




PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain
PWC 2008 - Spain