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Envy 2

 Paraglider Envy 2

Graf Envy 2



The Envy 2 is a high performance, cross-country glider with very high safety and stability. The Envy 1 set a high standard within the DHV 2 category of gliders and the Envy 2 follows the story. The performance profits from the experience gained in production of the Magus series, and the overall respect gained by the Envy 1.

Performance, agility, stability and high climbing performance were again our goals when designing this high performance glider.  The Envy 2 was made for cross country oriented pilots looking for relaxed flying and for pilots progressing from Intermediate gliders to expand their skills. The pilot will easily progress with this glider. Carefully calculated airfoils of different thicknesses give the glider an excellent glide performance and stability both at trim and in accelerated flight. It features excellent stability at full speed. This feature makes the Envy 2 stand out as supreme amongst its competitors.


The slim elliptical form of the canopy has an aspect ratio of 5.74. The Envy has 56 cells with full diagonals. The cells get thinner closer to the wing tip.  The reinforcements on the ribs help to maintain clean airfoils.    The reinforcement on the Leading edge provides an absolutely clean profile.  The line configuration using a minimum number of lines is the same as used in the Envy 1 and helps maintain a clean canopy. Lines are attached to every third rib and this construction allows the lines to be reduced to two tiers. The brake system is the same as that used on the Envy 1. The reinforcement flap system in the centre of canopy combined with the bunching system on the wing tips give precise handling with outstanding climbing performance.


The Envy 2 is brilliant on the ground. MAC PARA pilots have, over the years, become accustomed to the indulgence of easy launch and landing characteristics.  Everything feels very predictable in all launch conditions. In fact, no more demanding than a 1-2 in any respect, despite the greater aspect ratio. The Envy 2 is equipped with 20 mm risers. The split “A” risers facilitate Big Ears. The positioning of the outermost “A” line makes progressive closure easy. Opening is smooth and predictable.

The glider is undemanding and resistant to collapse in rough air. It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. Glide performance has increased compared to its predecessor as has trim speed and accelerated flight. In an induced collapse the glider does not rotate quickly and will usually reopen within 60 degrees.

The handling is precise. The moderate brake pressure allows pleasant turns with good climbing performance and increases progressively toward the end of its travel to offer safety reserves.  The canopy is moderately damped in all axes and offers agility in turns. It does not overshoot much or sit back.  We pay great attention to small detail. The Envy 2 is equipped as standard with brake handles with a swivel and magnetic clips. Velcro closures on the wingtips make access easier to remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider.



The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during manufacturing process together with consistent development work on our computer programme “PG” produces high quality products. We are proud of them.




Surface Top Leading Edge:Skytex 9017, Coating E85A 45 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge:Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Surface Bottom:Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Main ribs:Skytex 9017, Coating E29A 40 g/m2
Diagonal ribs:Skytex 9017, Coating E29A 40 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Upper lines:Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar
6843 – 60 kg, – 80 kg
Main lines:Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar
7643– 230 kg,– 190 kg,– 140 kg,– 80kg


The Envy 2 is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight material with excellent durability; Skytex 40, from Porcher Sport (NCV). Because for any glider, the part that always wears out first is the leading edge, we use Skytex 45 with evolution coating E85A for this. For the less stressed areas of the sail we use Skytex 40 with E38A coating. For the supporting and diagonal ribs we use Skytex 40 with “hard finish” coating E29A. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable.


Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Factor zoom [%]91.596100105115
Superficie de planta [m2]23.1525.7627.9530.8136.96
Superficie proyectada [m2]20.9823.3425.3327.9333.5
Envergadura de planta [m]11.5312.1612.6713.314.57
Alargamiento de planta5.745.745.745.745.74
Cuerda central [m]2.562.72.812.953.23
Peso [kg]5.866.256.67.7
Rango de pesos [kg] *65-8377-9788-110105-135140-165 **
Velocidad mínima [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Velocidad normal [km/h]36-3836-3836-3836-3836-38
Vel. Máxima
Planeo máximo8.
Tasa de caída mínima [m/s]
Homologación con trimmersEN-CEN-CEN-CEN-C-

 * pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 20 Kg

** Cetification in plan for beginning of  2009

*** Special size




 Design Envy 2





Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2
Envy 2