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Ratitovec open 2008

Gašper Prevec won the competition, with Primoz Suša close second.

8th. Ratitovec open 2008 – Slovenian league 

With traditional status, this competition again attracted about a 100 pilots from about 12 different country's. There were two Mac Para pilots on the podium. Gašper Prevec won the competition, with Primoz Suša close second.

It seams that also the weather is traditional at this competition. Like last year we have to move the first task to a different location reserved for strong west wind. As we drive weather looks very stable. Task is set to about 70km. It looks nice and easy except for the last part. The return will be difficult and it was.

The majority of pilots is landing quite short on the task and only local pilots get to the relay difficult part. This day only one pilot is in goal. In the end it looked more as a xc flying. Personally I liked it because I don't get to fly that route often.

 Task one results:

1.Primož Podobnik  686 Up
2.Jurij Vidic  577 Swing
3.Primož Suša 576 Mac Para (RcG.Assist)

Second day we walk to the main takeoff. Task comity is not so optimistic about the weather as the day before so they set a short task. And it was short and tricky real race task. Everything was going on in a radius of 30km. There was definitely something to see in Železniki valley. Gašper Prevec won the task with nice return to the first group and then leading it to goal. Now in total results Primož Podobnik still in lead following Gašper Prevc

Task two results: 

1.    Gašper Prevec 1000   Mac Para (Niko, Lotrič, Alples)
2.    Anže Pristov  967  Niviuk
3.    Bojan Gabršek  965  Axis

Day three seams hopeless. In the morning I am thinking of staying at home. Weather does not look good. Phone... No, the day is not canceled. Hm, ok. With a friend we are driving from Ljubljana observing the sky thinking. Impossible. On the landing, Ratitovec is wrapped into clouds. Meteo man  said 20%, meet director (Igor Eržen) said 80%. In the end the area of 60km cleared out and only here flying was possible. Te task was about 40km. Positions on the task was changing a lot and it seamed like everybody was dealt a good hand at some point. The day won Primož Suša. In total results is now leading Gašper Prevec following by Primož Suša and Vidic Jurij.  

Task thre results:

1.Primož Suša 1000 Mac Para (RcG.Assist)
2.Klemen Peljhan 974 Gin Gliders
3.Jurij Vidic 963 Swing

Last day. Like a cheery on top, there comes better weather. Comity sets very interesting and unusual task that by it self marks the end of Ratitovec open 2008. In general the whole task it seams that the race is between Gašper Prevec and Primož Suša. In the end they made low and spectacular finish, but because of this “low part” the winner of the task is  Alessandro Fuzzi. :D

Task four results:

1.Alessandro Fuzzi 1000 Axis
2.Primož Suša 984 Mac Para  (RcG.Assist)
3.Gašper Prevec 983 Mac Para (Niko, Lotrič, Alples)

Game is over.... Many thanks to Igor Eržen and everybody involved with organization.

Total results

  1. 1.Gašper Prevc              Mac Para (Niko, Lotric, Alpeles)
  2. 2.Primož Suša                Mac Para (RcG.Assist)
  3. 3.Klemen Peljhan           Gin Gliders