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Product news

PWC 2008 - Italy

goya ll design

MAC PARA TEAM pilots did well by first Paragliding World Cup competition 2008 in Italy. Gasper Prevc made very nice 5th place in this competition and Yassen Savov is second in overall PWC ranking.

We congratulate !

Here some comments from Andre Rainsford about his new Magus:

"The glider is fantastic! This was the first time in four years that I was able to stay with a world cup lead gaggle every day without much effort. On the last day I flew for 100km with test pilots/proto-types from Gin, Niviuk, Advance, Axis, Airwave and Ozone.  My opinion after this day is that the Magus is better on glide, glide at speed AND stability at speed.  The climbing was the same and perhaps slightly better than some.

Compared to my Magus 5 28 the new glider:
- feels very stiff with higher brake pressure
- has improved pitch stability
- turns flatter
- has improved overall stability
- has greater speed range
- has improved glide across the speed range and especially at 70% speed

There was only one assymetric collapse in 20 hours of flying in strong conditions which resulted in a 90% turn with some roll, but the glider corrected itself with minimal input required. 

Best Regards
Andre "



PWC 2008 - Italy
PWC 2008 - Italy
PWC 2008 - Italy
PWC 2008 - Italy