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PWC 2007 - summary


PWC 2007 - 2nd place Urban Valic

World Cup in paragliding knows the winner

1st place MAURER Christian (Advance)
2nd place VALIC Urban ( MAC PARA)
3rd place AEBI Andy (Advance)


MAC PARA TEAM otherwise did not repeat victory from last year, but is placed in team category on excellent second place.
Evidently it is caused because of Petra Slivova (Krausova) absence. To Petra of course cross one’s fingers with expected increase to her family and look forward on her comeback.
Urban Valic which fly on Magus 5 have flown during World Cup
1616 km and got 14200 points. 
Thanks to this result he placed in total valuation on nice second place.


Urban VALICs
results from competition

 Ibaraki, Japan
 2nd place
 Ager, Spain
 4th place
 Cornizzolo, Italy
 4th place
 Kayseri, Turkey
 1st place
 Tucùman, Argentina
 1st place


Total results from PWC 2007
2nd place VALIC Urban
5th place VALIC Aljaz
17th place VRBENSKY Karel
26th place BRAUNER Tomas
29th place BLONDEAU Greg
34th place PREVC Gasper
85th place CANIGLIA Toni
87th place CARDONA Davide

To all pilots big congratulations