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Polish Championship 2009

Polish Championship 2009

For the last week in august, Polish Championship was held in Kobarid, Slovenia. Almost 80 pilots enjoyed a well organized competition with 5 tasks out of 6, and everybody got out it safe and sound.


1st Task

For the first day we got a bit shorter task about 43 km, due to the East wind. Task was set more locally and a lot pilots reached the goal. It seemed that I am the only one with Magus 6, well a friend of my was also racing but no competing. At the end I got in the lead with a better line to the turn point and got a bit earlier into final glide. With »God Speed« no one could really catch me :D This was my first win, but Aljaž was also flying the task and he was about 5 minutes faster. So the real deal was still waiting for me.

Tilen Ceglar 


2nd Task

A normal 75km journey was ahead of us. We went a bit to the Italy and from there to Tolmin, back to Drežnica, again to Tolmin and finally to Kobarid. Flying was quite easy, but a bit turbulent like the whole week. Again, whole race I was in the first group and started the final glide earlier than others. This was my first real win, with no non-competitors in front of me. What can I say, two tasks, two wins. Superb ! 

Tilen Ceglar 


3rd Task

54km towards Kobala, than back to Kobarid and goal in Drežnica, where we had Poletna Party ! Well, right after the start I made a mistake and had fallen a bit behind, but it was enough to missed the first group. Just before the last turn point I got a thermal, which seemed that I was the only to take advantage of it. Therefore I made up the lost time and came in goal on third position, 5 minutes after Nuno Virgilio and 3 minutes after Tarakanov Alexey .  After 3 task I was on 3 position, just 19 points behind the leader. 

Tilen Ceglar 


4th Task

After three tasks with almost too many pilots in goal, the task was made a bit more difficult. We had two turn points at Tolmin in the »flats« one after another, so this was the tricky part, and goal in Kobarid, with two more turn points in between. Again  I was in the first group and we decided to go direct from one turnpoint to another, but we were really low at the second, and there some pilots went direct towards Tolmin on the hill, but I got a week thermal in the middle of the valley and so others followed me. I managed to climb to cloudbase, and from those who went on the hill only Rafal Luckos gain height. I realized that Nuno and Alexey bombed out at Tolmin, and we all know what that mean :D. Before the last turnpoint I was with Rafal and Michal Gierlach in the front. Again I was the first to leave the thermal. So another win for me !

Tilen Ceglar 


5th Task

Finally we went more into the big mountains. A 80km task was set, from border with Italy towards Bača (south from Tolmin) and to the mountain – Žabijski Kuk, that a bit in the valley and before goal in Kobarid to Krasji vrh. From Bača to Žabijski Kuk Rafal, Michal an I managed to gain a comfortable lead with Rafal on top. And It stayed that way to the end, I was 3 minutes behind Rafal and 20 seconds behind Michal, oh and almost 10 minutes in front of others. For 80 kilometers we needed  2 hours and 12 minutes, almost 37 kmh average.  

Another very successful day and I started to realise that this is my very first overall win, because the next day weather forecast was horrible, and the day will be for sure canceled. Which it was!  All I can say for the end is: Man, what a week !?!

Cheers, Tilen Ceglar 


Results overall

1st place Tilen Ceglar (Magus 6)

MAC PARA congratulate!

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