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Open Italian Championship

European Paragliding Championship

Hi guys! During the last week 24th –30th Aug we did the Italian Open Championship- FAI-2 in South Italy ( Piedimonte Matese mountains in Appeninos, near to Caserta)
This special place, it's one of the most beautiful land of the our Country ! Very same to Valle de Bravo in Mexico (where will do next World Championship 2009) and I want to say that all pilots must know these Beautiful Mountains.
I'm happy to be arrived 2nd in this "Italian Open Championship 2008" just behind one of the best pilot on the moment " LITTAME Marco"…but I put behind a lot of Big Pilots also ! One week before I didn't want to take part at the competition, this is true!

I have been a lot of time busy…from august 2007 to may 2008 in some hospital for a small problem on my body, this was one of the reasons … like eleven mounts without fly, without competitions and with few hours under this Beautiful Magus, but to be at the finish there in Competition with all the best pilot-friends (jimmy, marco, christian, paolo,egon…) at the finish I will participate and with great satisfaction to win honours of the Silver medal 2008 !

Anyway, We fly 7 days, first day was training-day; we made five task valid and only one was stopped during the flight for a big Cumulus; all our Pilots from Team-ITA.MAC were very fast, a lots of time we had four or five Magus into the 5 positions for !
The first task the Winner is Christian Barattin with Magus and into ten positions we are in five Magus !! All team push ! Tiziano Trambaioli and the other very well in goal. The second task I was there for to win but Alberto Vitale (Latest Niviuk Proto) and Federico Nevastro (Swing Proto WRC) were more high to me on the goal line…I didn't want to take a risk stupid at the second task…I checked their, no problem…the competition will be longest.

The third task will be the day of Egon Prader with New Magus him win the task and the rest of team Mac will be fast into the first gaggle in goal… Barattin remain first on Overall results after this task and me and Egon into the 6 in Overall, with Zammarchi Paolo (Gin Proto) and BIASI Christian (latest-Proto Gin) just there on our back at few point.

Trambaioli with Magus arrived short in goal …10 mt … very sad !  The fourth day would be the day of Haller Florian (this young pilot from South Tirol has the Italian record on free flight distance: 323 km ) …but him taken decision to stay together Zammarchi, Biasi, Barattin, Prader, Oberausher and many others pilots, they were in the right gaggle on the flatland but push too much on speed for to arrive in goal and their didn't across the goal line while our gaggle that composed of Me, LITTAME Marco, VITALE Alberto take a small thermals for to across the goal and we put the high score between us and their.

Our Barattin lost the first position on Overall and a lots of points …same Haller and Prader lost points…I was happy because I saved my task but didn't happy for my Friends …I have been luck to found this small thermals !

The day after We had a rest day because the Cumulus are very big and weather will say rain …and storm coming … Our Weather-Man cancelled before the start-pylon .
Latest task …last day…I was nervous and exited but with good Karma and I prepared my task with a Great Attack…Littame Marco, first position, …difficult to take him with 100 point more of me but Vitale Alberto is there in second overall with a few points so I will try to win the task and I hope someone commits some mistake . I flew fast at speed almost total, thermal conditions are very good : +9/+11 m/s at climb registered…

So just on the finish I will be alone with my friend Haller and the first gaggle at 2 km and at 1 thermal from me, Littame was there but Vitale was far away from us… I discovered more late (in goal) that him took a big collapse with its Proto-Niviuk (big…31mt !) and Him pushed the Rescue!…

…I had advantage good but not enough, the latest turn-point was at 5 km and after we did 15 km for to go all in flat in goal or 17km from the mountains…more safe.

I was with Haller Florian (new-Magus) He helps me in the last part of task but our line for to arrive in goal isn't luck this time …so we had need to return on moutain to climb for to do latest KM at the goal, while the gaggle behind try to arrive directly without climb more… A lots of Pilots take the risk because they didn't had nothing to lose . 

So, someone arrived just in front to me, someone didn't close in goal…….. but the most important was my good final ! …I didn't win the last task but I tried anyway !
Well, with our system point that don't use discard the tasks, I finished 2nd on Overall, we use flex-gap same we use in Europe or World Championship. I flew in 5 task with speed-bar often accelerate and my feeling with new Magus was perfect …!

This feeling isn't only what I feel, the other pilots of my team Ita-Mac that are flying the New Magus are very positive and they push on the bar system all time…

I want to celebrate my victory with all my Team ITA.MAC, Felice Boccanegra my support beer…, my Doctor that give me back a new foot…a new good life really !

I would like to thanks Peter from Macpara to give me one the best glider that I flew in these three season in MacPara …and special Thank at Tomas Brauner , my Friend that during Italian championship told me important words for to arrive there on the Podium.


Davi Cardona 


Open Italian Championship
Open Italian Championship
Open Italian Championship
Open Italian Championship
Open Italian Championship