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Nordic Open 2008

Paragliding Nordic Open 2008

Paragliding Nordic Open 2008

1. task
When we arived to Macedonia we have fantastic weather first days, at the training day we made 50 kilometers in 1 hour and a half, some ridge and later flatland flying. So we all expect similar and good conditions for the comp. We pushed our gliders to the limits, only Matej Ceglar with Niviuk could follow me and Erik flying our Maguses in first leg of the task. Later on we flew to the flatland, Erik decided to fly at the ridge some more kilometers, me and Matej decided for straight attack to the  flat but there was completely different story as the training day. We got strong sink, frontal wind and no thermals at all. I got some lift  just 50 meters above the ground. I climbed really slow and I finished  climbing almost on the beginning of the task. I had again problems with  passing the valley, I had to fly all around and made 10 kms again for  nothing. Erik and others were more than one hour and half in front on  me, but they landed some kms before goal line of 76 km long task, so  they gave me the chance to stay in the game. I finished only 300 m  before entering 1km finish cilinder at 3th position.  

2. task
Second task we had again much better weather with strong thermals up to  7m/s. The discipline was speedrun and I started some minutes later after  the best ones. In first part of the task I catched almost all pilots flying in front including Ronny Helgesen, winner of the first task. But at the last thermal I did mistake, my line was more to the left us others, i got strong sink so I had to go more to the east to rescue my ass. I finished the task 10 minutes after Ronny, again.

3. task
The weather next days was quite bad, we had a chance for the task only the last day. After soaring of seventy pilots half an hour in front of take off  we get some lift so we could  fly into the  starting cylinder and start the task. Conditions were quite safe, we flew in the direction of the city Krusevo close to the east fase of mountain. In the midle of the task finnish pilot Juoni crashed really bad to the rocks. Only few pilots saw him and landed immediately above him, but it was too late for him. Organizer immediately canceled the task.

1. Ronny Helgesen (Gin Boomerang)
2. Gasper Prevc (MAC Magus)
3. Marcus Malmquist (UP Edge)

5. Erik Rehnfeld (MAC Magus)





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Nordic Open 2008
Nordic Open 2008
Nordic Open 2008
Nordic Open 2008
Nordic Open 2008
Nordic Open 2008