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Denizli - Turkey - PWC

Paraglidıng World Cup 2009

1st Task ( May 31. 2009)
Today we had about 81km race, first a small leg close to launch, and then the main race was away and return to north and back south to HQ in Pamukkale.  First some of us (especially Gasper) had a problem at launch because the wind stopped and we were getting late for the air start, but then it was OK and the race was on.  I was in the front.
Then came the big valley gap and I attacked it in front together with a grey Niviuk and a white Magus, but I don't know who it was.  We went left from the direct line to connect to the other side of the ridge after the valley gap, got quite low, but then our option worked nicely, many more gliders joined us from the back, some higher, we made cloudbase, then attack to B33 more than 1000m above the guys who had gone straight for the turnpoint in the flats.  I went to B33 forth, after Micky, Ulrich Prinz, and Rafal Luckos.  Some pilots from the flats option were catching up, including Urban, who came up like a miracle from very low:)  Then a first group established, and we were close together with Stephane, ready for final glide.  With Urban we were on top of the gaggle and pushing in front, then Micky came with us and also my teammate Orlin from Bulgaria, and we attacked on the long final glide, maybe 20k just straight:)  Urban and me had collapses before the speed section so we couldn't catch Micky, who kept his slight lead all the way to goal.  Very nice flying from him, always pushing in front, respect!  I was about 10sec after him, together with Orlin, but I probably have more leading points, so I'm probably second, then Orlin, then Urban.

Stephane came around 7th or 8th, Gasper around 30, Karel broke his speed system so was quite behind.  Many other Magus pilots in first gaggle and in front.

Great news from today is
that Bulgarian team we have 3 pilots in top 6 - me, Orlin, and Svilen Ferdinandov.  So we have small celebration in the pool and at dinner, then sleep like bea, then keep going tomorrow.  This place is a pleasure for flying!



2nd place Savov Yassen (Magus 6)

6th place Drouin Stephane (Magus 6)


3rd Task ( Jun 02. 2009)
After two nice tasks in first two competition days the organizer set another challenge for us - 115 km long task with goal in the small city Dinar east from the take off. We had really bad conditions before the starting cylinder with turbulent air and weak thermals, so it wass quite a mess in the air. But later when the race started it was better and we enjoy more and more. I enjoyed the whole task flying in front in the leading group, Yassen and Karel made some mistake before entering to the turnpoint in the flatland and they stayed behind with some other top pilots. They had to push really hard to catch the leading group. At the end i was in really good position thermaling with Aljaz (winner of the task) who decided to risk and he flew into the goal despite bad altitude and position. I didnt want to risk because i did one mistake already in the comp and I didnt have option to use discard in this task. I stayed in the thermal more time above the main group and loose more time, i came into the goal at 21th place. Karel finished the task in my group, Yassen did really well the last part again and he finished in top 10!
Now we had two days bad weather but last two competion days weather forecast is much better and we all hope for nice flying. Yassen is in really good  position after 3 tasks, cross fingers that he will show his best!



9th place Savov Yassen (Magus 6)

17th place Davide Cardona (Magus 6)

22th place Gasper Prevc (Magus 6)

MAC PARA - magus



3rd place Savov Yassen (Magus 6)

20th place Davide Cardona (Magus 6)

25th place Gasper Prevc (Magus 6)

We congratulate to all competition pilots

PWC Turkey Overall result