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British Open Pedro Bernado

Craig Morgan winner


Pedro Bernando is on the south face of the Gredos chain of mountains dividing the northern and southern tablelands of central Spain.

The Valle de Tietar (that area to the south of the Gredos) is often named the Andalusia of Avila because of its warm climate.
The town of Pedro Bernardo is often called the Balcony of Tietar, as it on the steep sides of the mountain looking out over the river Tietar and the mountains of Toledo to the south.

Mail from Craig Morgan:

I've just completed a fantastic British Open in Pedro Bernado Spain. I led the 1st task but bombed out just before goal and thought I'dcompletely ruined my chances. 42nd overall.
After a 2nd place in task 2 I moved up to 22nd overall. Then after winning task 3 by 20 minutes from the 3rd placed pilot the PWC 2008 scoring system we used rewarded me handsomely with nearly 300 points more than the 3rd placed pilot. This brought me up to 3rd overall, 22 points behind the leader !!!

All to play for on the final task and to cut a long storey short I beat the
overall leader, Mark Hayman, by 3 and a half minutes giving me 50 points more than him and the outright win. All this with 4 main lines splice repaired and both stabilo lines knot repaired !