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 Paraglider Yukon

Graf Yukon


Yukon design


The Yukon: Hike and Fly Adventurer

Do you love to travel and fly where most people dream about? If you are an experienced adventurer who is looking for an ultra-light performance paraglider then the Yukon is made for you.  Enthusiastic pilots hiking to make memorable flights in distant places need the right gear. Welcome to the world of the Yukon! 


A Glider for Great Adventures

Mountaineers and outdoor fans demand ultra-light equipment that performs. You are probably the type of pilot that is looking for a paraglider to keep up with your fast paced adventures. The mission during the design of the Yukon was to create a strong performing hike and fly glider that you can easily launch virtually anywhere. With the Yukon you can thermal effortlessly with good glide to keep your adventure flying alive because sometimes your life depends on it! And at the end of your day if you are in the middle of nowhere, you will be glad that you have the Yukon if you are miles away from home.


Safety Marries Performance

The safety built into the Yukon paraglider comes from the large 46 cells and an aspect ratio of 5.12. It is an intermediate design giving you the flight characteristic expected in an intermediate glider but with excellent safety less the extra weight. The Yukon has amazing handling with light brake pressure usually not seen in these types of paragliders. It features specially developed airfoils and semi ribs on trailing edge to provide extraordinary glide ratio and stability allowing you to explore instead of going for a quick ride down. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained by thin nylon rods that are getting more and more popular.


Launching it is a Dream!

Besides its performance, the best part of the Yukon is how easy it is to launch and how will soar above your head with minimal pilot input. This is the reason why mountaineers and pilots alike will be attracted to the Yukon. With a gentle pull on the risers the Yukon comes up effortlessly over your head waiting for you to decide to fly.


Easy to Use.. other Pilots will be Jealous!

When you’re in the air everything feels predictable allowing you to focus on flying where you want to go. The Yukon flies intuitively throughout its weight range with no surprises. You will be glad intensive testing resulted in a well-balanced glider with easy controlled behaviors during extreme conditions. Experienced pilots know quickly changing weather is part of the territory when you want to explore where no man has gone before. Now you have the Yukon to make it happen!


Imagine Flying with the Best

The canopy of the Yukon is moderately damped in all axes maintaining in flight stability. It responds to pilot commands quickly giving you the sense of control. This handling will be appreciated by pilots coming from flying other lively intermediate paragliders.  Flying the Yukon in thermals is a real joy. It climbs and stays in the thermals to make your flight last longer compared to flying a less performance paraglider. The Yukon neither dives, sits-back, nor has any tendency to be ejected from the thermal.  Because the brake pressure is light it gives you comfortable feedback. The Yukon allows pleasant turns during long thermal fights and increases progressively near the end to offer a good safety margin. Finding the stall point is hard to find using normal brake inputs. Provoked collapses of the leading edge (even when accelerated) reopen laterally with a maximum turn of 90°. It features excellent stability in accelerated flight within its wide weight range. The speed system is easy to operate and the glider reaches a respectable maximum speed of 50 km/h. The Yukon can do it all just like a sport intermediate glider but with the feather lightweight design to be your “go to” glider for hike and fly expeditions.


Built Solid to Keep You Flying

The line concept is simple with four rows, each with 3 main lines. The top lines are thin durable unsheathed Cousin Vectran lines. Bottom lines are sheathed Edelrid Kevlar lines. The Yukon is equipped with thin lines and with light Dynema risers. The Dynema tapes are protected by a sheath. As standard the lines are connected to the risers by loops to save weight. Also available are risers with small triangular maillons for pilots who prefer the system commonly used for normal paragliders. Overall, the use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during the manufacturing process makes the Yukon another exceptional MacPara paraglider. We hope you enjoy and send us your pictures of your adventures with the Yukon.


NEW Special Edition: Yukon 17 Speed Up

The Yukon 17 Speed Up is designed with all the great features found in the yukon but made EXTRA small for skilled pilots that want the lightest glider possible. Fit hike and fly pilots will love it because it packs up really small and only weighs 2.6kg (5.7 lbs). Launching it is still a breeze and a blast to rip down your favorite mountain top under control. The Yukon 17 Speed Up is a perfect match for the hard core adventure pilots that want a cross between a speed wing and a regular paraglider.





Surface Top Leading Edge:Skytex 36, Coating E68A 36 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge:Skytex 27, Coating E71A 27 g/m2
Surface Bottom:Skytex 27, Coating E71A 27 g/m2
Main ribs:Skytex 32, Coating E29A 32 g/m2
Diagonal ribs:Skytex 32, Coating E29A 32 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 27, Coating E71A 27 g/m2
Upper lines:Liros DC - 120 kg
Cousin Vectran - 50kg, - 115kg
Main lines:Edelrid
7343-230 kg, -190 kg, -140 kg, -80kg


The Yukon is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight materials . Because for any glider, the part that always wears out first is the leading edge, we use Skytex  36 with  coating E 68A for this. For the less stressed areas of the sail we use Skytex  27 with E 71A coating for top  and bottom sail. For the supporting and diagonal ribs we use Skytex  32 with “hard finish” coating E29A. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable. 


Yukon X
Zoom flat [%]8085859295.7100
Area flat [m2]17.1119.3219.3222.3924.4926.74
Area projected [m2]15.7417.7717.7720.5922.5224.59
Span flat [m]9.369.959.9510.7111.211.7
Aspect ratio flat5.
Root cord [m]2.242.382.382.562.682.8
Weight [kg]
Weight range [kg]*50-6755-7070-9567-8575-9585-110
Weight range [lbs]*110-148121-154154-209148-187165-209187-243
Min. speed [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Trim speed [km/h]36-3836-3836-3836-3836-3836-38
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]48-5048-5048-5048-5048-5048-50
Glide ratio8.
Min. Sink rate[m/s]

 * pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 15 kg
** Yukon 19 - Weight range for EN-C =  55 - 70 kg (121 - 154 lbs)  
** Yukon X 19 - Weight range for EN-D =  70 - 95 (154 - 209 lbs)


Certificate reports


Yukon X



Link to videos of certification tests


Design Yukon


Skytex range
Value 8/8 is most resistant to UV

 Skytex Blue  Skytex Red  Skytex Yellow  Skytex Lime
 Skytex Orange  Skytex Violet  Skytex Gold  Skytex Bordeaux
 Skytex Black  Skytex White  Skytex Grey  Skytex Bronze