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Whistler 2





Whistler 2 - Feel the Rush

The Whistler has attained a very good reputation with both Speed-flying pilots and Speed-flying schools because of the wide glide range available and precise handling. For the Whistler 2, efforts were put into redesigning the canopy to gain improved stability through the whole speed range with very high loadings.   You will be pleased to know that after extensive testing, the Whistler 2 offers simplicity and durability to become our best speed riding glider to date.


Better by Design

Improved sail tension has resulted in minimum canopy movement. The handling is precise and progressive.  The Whistler 2 is equipped with trimmers to improve the glide to match the terrain or when needed. The trimmers are positioned on the risers and are easy to use. The advantages of the Whistler 2 is a well-balanced glider which is uncomplicated and easy to handle with a wide brake range.  To slow down or increase the glide you simply add brake. With hands-up the Whistler 2 is fast. Perfect for the days when you want to enjoy a quick ride down the mountain!


Variety of Sizes for Different Terrain and Experience

You simply choose the size according to the wing loading you want - high wing loading for experts, low wing loading for beginners. The Whistler 2 is available in sizes 16m², 14m², 12m², 11m² and 10m².  The 14m² and 16m² sizes are for light or heavy beginners. The 12m² and 11m² sizes are for very experienced pilots. The 10m² size is intended only for very light pilots or expert experienced pilots who already know how to speed fly. To maximize comfort and enjoyment from the Whistler 2 check out the MacPara Buggy. It’s a comfortable safe harness that works well with the Whislter 2. As a bonus it functions as a harness and rucksack together as one.



Speed-Flying can be dangerous, read this WARNING.





Surface Top Leading Edge:Skytex 9092, Coating E85A 45 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge:Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Surface Bottom:Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Main ribs:Skytex 9017, Coating E29A 40 g/m2
Diagonal ribs:Skytex 9017, Coating E29A 40 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 9017, Coating E38A 40 g/m2
Upper lines:Edelrid Dynema
7850 – 100 kg
Main lines:Edelrid Dynema
7850 – 240 kg, – 200 kg



Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Zoom flat [%]79.46848994.5100
Area flat [m2]1011.1812.5514.1515.84
Area projected [m2]9.89.9111.1612.5714.04
Span flat [m]5.756.086.446.847.23
Aspect ratio flat3.
Root cord [m]
Weight [kg]
Weight range [kg]*70-60- -75-65-55 90-75-65 100-85-75110-95-85
Weight range [lbs]*154-132165-143-143198-165-165220-187-187243-209-209
Min. speed [km/h]-----
Trim speed [km/h]-----
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]-----
Glide ratio
Min. Sink rate[m/s]-----


*  Weight Expert pilot  -  Weight Experienced pilot  -  Weight Beginer






Skytex range
Value 8/8 is most resistant to UV

 Skytex Blue  Skytex Red  Skytex Yellow  Skytex Lime
 Skytex Orange  Skytex Violet  Skytex Gold  Skytex Bordeaux
 Skytex Black  Skytex White  Skytex Grey  Skytex Bronze




Video: Flyeo
            The Ultimate Flying Machine

Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2
Whistler 2