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Ready Eddy?


M165 - 175cm
L175 - 185cm

A harness designed for professional tandem pilots. The Ready Eddy? is equally suitable for solo pilots. The split leg system makes it easy to walk and run whilst equipped, a major advantage at a windy take-off or in deep snow. The reserve container is rear mounted and can be used either left or right-handed. Unique to the Ready Eddy? is “back tuning” allowing adjustment to suit all sizes of pilot, or to allow for differing amounts of clothing between summer and winter. This tuning is placed inside the outer cover. In flight, a good position and a sensation of freedom allow the pilot to feel his glider and maintain optimum control. Perfect combined with the Ready Eddy Light for the passenger, it has a great comfort.  







Technical description 
Max. load:
 100 kg
Karabiner distance:
 38 - 50 cm

(without rescue chute):

 2,5 kg
Back protection: No
Rescue system:Integrated container (envelope system) on back with a  lateral handle.

Easy sitting/standing in flight, without hands: safety after take-off 
Very easy active weight-shift piloting, even for tandem flights 
Both solo and tandem rescue container
Australpin buckles, red "don't forget" style security
Good for solo and tandem flights
Exclusive "MAC back-tuning"
Heavy duty material
Allows pilot to adjust the harness' depth
Cordura - heavy duty material
Aerodynamically cut
Optimal personal tuning
Weight of Ready Eddy?: 2,5 kg




Ready Eddy?
Ready Eddy?