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Philosophy in sport



For all air sports and air activities in general the question of safety is very important. 

At MAC we leave nothing to chance. Our philosophy is to maintain production of the highest quality. At MAC PARA we are very proud of the quality of our products, and it’s something that we feel passionate about.


MAC PARA has always followed its own line of development. We did not incline to "fashion". Only extensively tested technology finds its way into serial production. The development of a new serial glider is a process that takes time. MAC PARA only launches new products when user friendliness, durability and every single detail has been perfected. For this reason; once perfected and in serial production, a glider remains in the range for at least three years. We see no reason for change just for change’s sake. 


We only use the best quality materials available worldwide.  Thanks to established long term -relationships with cloth and line manufacturers, MAC PARA has found the best ways to test the newest materials and decide which if any will be used for future products. In the past other manufacturers have advertised that they use other much better materials (of course because of lower material costs) and we find it amusing they later start to use the same materials as we have for many years. It shows us that we were correct in our decisions. 

Extensive control over the production process and constant personal influence and supervision of work procedures ensure consistently high workmanship. 

More information on used materials is available on the Technical specifications pages.

Use of the best quality materials, and glider certification and testing to international standards (DHV, LTF, EN) produces products for everyone to enjoy.