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Philosophy in sport



Flying is fun. Paragliding is our sport and we enjoy it. It all started from a love and passion for flying.


From the beginning, MAC PARA's philosophy has been to listen and respond to pilot's needs.  New ideas, continuous development, extensive testing, new products designed with experience are enabling our company to grow by integrating more efficient solutions, often exceeding pilot's expectations. 

Although MAC PARA is well known as the producer of one of the world's best competition gliders, our  philosophy is to design and produce paragliders for different categories, that are safe and a pleasure to fly, whatever level of pilot you are. 


MAC PARA invest huge amounts of resources into developing serial designs. Our R&D team concentrates on the development of the right combination of handling-characteristics, performance, sensitivity and safety of our paragliders. We produce paragliders that are safe with the right dynamic feel, to make flying enjoyable and to give pilots confidence. 

Use of the best quality materials, and glider certification and testing to international standards (EN, LTF) produces products for everyone to enjoy. 

Flying is fun. Paraglding is our sport and we should enjoy it. 

Fly In Peace.