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Paramotor gliders
 Mac Para Powered gliders

Muse 4  -  Relaxed Sport with Flare

The New Muse 4 is in a class of its own because of its unique sporty flying characteristics. On the ground and in the air, the Muse 4 excels with magnificent glide, easy launch and excellent stability. You will feel relaxed and enjoy the Muse 4 as a great intermediate glider. The new Muse 4 makes it one of the top intermediate gliders on the market.

Glider Muse 4 PPG

Illusion   -  Intermediate Performance Glider

Are you looking for a performance and safe glider that can master both –free flying and powered flying? Thanks its stability and lovely handling it is ideal choice as hybrid paraglider.  If you plan to do 60-80 % of free flying and 20-40% of powered flying with just one paraglider, then the Illusion is right choice for you.

Glider Illusion PPG

Eden 6   -  Your new XC-Experience

Maximum performance combined with a high degree of passive safety.
The new Eden 6 makes paragliding easier and more enjoyable. Featuring the new revolutionary “leading-edge-technology”, the glider offers XC potential, that sets a new benchmark in the EN-B Class.

Glider Eden 6 PPG

Charger   -  Performance Freedom Flying

The new Charger is a fun and safe reflex glider in the intermediate sport class. It’s a paraglider that will help you advance your skills and keep you enjoying the sport.  The Charger combines speed and maneuverability found in higher level classes. Depending on the size you choose, this glider will put a smile on your face with its solid feel and comforting sportiness.

Glider Charger

Colorado   -  Fun for Demanding Pilots

While developing the Colorado we set out to design a paramotor glider that is safe, stable, easy to launch and land, fast and efficient, and fun to fly for adventurous and demanding pilots.  According to the excellent feedback we are getting from those who have flown the Colorado we are confident that we have achieved our goals!

Glider Colorado

Paradox   -  Powered Racing in New Style

The Paradox is an all-time favorite among advanced ppg pilots. It is a classic powered competition wing with newly designed reflex-airfoils. C rod technology on leading edge combined with RFE - panel reinforcement technology provide extra speed, performance and stability. The Paradox is a specific reflex glider with extraordinary maneuverability, speed, fun potential and easy launching and landing characteristics.

Glider Paradox

Pasha 5 Trike   -  Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two.

The quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. The new Pasha 5 Trike is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a tandem trike/quad. The very easy take-off and great landing behavior of the glider is well suited for both commercial and recreational use.  Its excellent performance combined with light and precise handling will delight paramotor pilots that want to travel with a passenger.

Glider Pasha5 Trike

T-Ride   -  Trike Power Wheels

MacParas designer Petr Recek has seen the increasing need for a paraglider that is designed specifically for wheeled powered paragliding configurations such as trikes and quads. The T-Ride is a paraglider for heavier loads using wheels while offering the security and stability found on other MacPara’s gliders. The highlights of the T-Ride design is that is aids in fuel efficiency despite its great handling and safety.

Glider T-Ride