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Mac Para Harnesses

Select MAC PARA harness

Choosing a well-fitted purpose built harness enhances your flying skills regardless of your experience level.
All MAC PARA harnesses are perfectly crafted with high quality materials and offer world class performance. Each harness comes with practical features and proven design that supports many years of safe flying for you to enjoy.

Rock  -  Legendary Design

Built with extra reinforcement and added safety, the Rock harness is suitable for novice pilots and paragliding schools who need a rock solid performing harness.

Manix -  Enjoy the Ride

The Manix is a light, spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness suitable for intermediate  and experienced pilots.  Special plastic reinforcements combined with padded back and shoulder straps are ideal for relaxed sitting position in flight. The back area is made from “breathable” fabric and minimizes sweating.  It makes the Manix an unrivalled harness for pilot comfort during long flights.

Levity  -  All in One

The Levity harness is an ultra-light comfortable reversible harness with a built in airbag. This harness is suitable for all pilots looking for unique light weight “all in one” harness.

Haven - Cross country enthusiast

It is a comfortable covered harness for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. Guaranteed comfort even after long hours of cross country flights.

Captain -  For Tandem Pilot

The Captain is a spacious, aerodynamically cut "ABS" harness for tandem pilot. The harness is well balanced thanks the height of the main carabineers and shape of the seat plate.

Passenger -  Tandem

The passenger comes from the popular design features of the Goya harness and is suitable for a wide range of tandem passengers.

Light eddy -  Hike and Fly

The Light Eddy is designed for “hike and fly” mountaineering addicts who require a light weight split-leg harness to add to their adventures.

Buggy -  Speed Flying Adrenaline

The Buggy harness is a purpose built speed flying harness that has the strength and features in all the right places making it easy to focus on the flight. Reversible harness with split-leg design.

Ready eddy ?

The “Ready Eddy?”  is a comfortable and light split-leg tandem harness with integrated reserve pocket.  The “Ready Eddy?” will meet professional tandem pilots` requirements.