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 Harness Goya


Sup to 165cm
M165 - 175cm
L175 - 185cm
XL185 and up

A light and spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness. Special plastic reinforcements and a wide range of easy adjustments make the GOYA an unrivalled harness for pilot comfort during long flights. New adjustment strap to change sitting position . A well designed leg strap system allows the pilot an upright position before and during take-off, making checks very easy and don't inhibit take-off. The speed bar keps position to front by it self and thanks this is use of the speed system during flight very easy. A security T-bar prevents the pilot falling out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg straps. The carabineer separation (sensitiveness of the harness) is adjusted by trim on the chest strap. The rescue canopy container is placed under the pilot's legs towards the front of the seat and is integrated into the shape of the harness. It uses a tested “envelope” system with two pins with right-handed deployment. Left-handed deployment can be supplied by order. A sufficiently large deployment system guarantees easy removal of the rescue canopy from the outer container. The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach. 

The large rear pocket is equiped with a 18 cm foam back protector which leads towards the front of the seat and is integrated between the seat and rescue container. Goya can be further equiped with side protectors. There is plenty of room left over for your rucksack and other goodies. Goya has a side pocket to carry items you may need to access in flight. All MAC harnesses are precisely made, you can be sure that even after several years use, it will serve you as well as it did when new. 

Austrialpin "T-COBRA" buckle on the chest strap prevent the pilot falling out of the harness, if he forgets to fasten leg straps.



 Technical description
Max. load:
 120 kg
Karabiner distance:
 38-50 cm

Weight inclusive
back protection
(without rescue chute):

 5,9 kg
 Back protection:Styrofoam protection; 18 cm with
plastic plate penetration protection
 Rescue system: Integrated container (envelope system)
under the seat plate with a  lateral handle.

 GOYA PL 5 -05/2006

Austrialpin "COBRA" buckles on leg straps
Austrialpin speed system pulleys and included easy
to use two step speed bar
18 cm foam protector as standard
Harness sensitivity in-flight adjustable (ABS)
Very easy weight shift
Large back pocket
The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach
Excellent mobility whilst in the harness
Cordura - heavy duty material
Aerodynamically cut
Excellent support to the back and shoulders
Weight of the GOYA harness is 4,6 kg and 5,9 kg with foam protector