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How to choose the right size for your new glider?

First calculate your weight plus all your flying equipment (including glider and harness). Then check the table displaying the weight ranges and sizes of the gliders. If your weight is falls between two sizes, choose according to your flying style. For more dynamic flight choose the smaller, for weaker conditions flying is improved with the larger one.


Can I help extend the life of the wing?

The life of your glider depends on several factors.

Important naturally is the frequency of flying, but for longer life it is also important to follow the rules for storage and maintenance, more information can be found on Service and Maintenance page.


Is the first flight on a new glider really safe? 

Each and every new glider produced by MAC, is checked many times during production and finally tested by MAC pilots on a test flight prior to dispatch.


At what periods should the glider be inspected?

Mac recommends the first general inspection after 1 year or 100 hours of flying.

If you suspect any change to the flying behaviour or anything out of the ordinary, you must check your wing before the next flight to ensure your safety.

If you regularly lay out your glider in damp conditions, checks on the lengths of “C” and “D” lines should be made at intervals of three months or less. 


For glider inspections contact us at Mac Headquarters (see:::contact:::) or contact your local importer.