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PWC Italy - San Potito

Magus 7

Potio Bustone -Task 1

Matese is a very beautiful flying site near Neapel.
Ridge with moderate up to good thermals.
The first task was launched with a high probability of thunderstorms.
The first turn points have been set further north of the mountain group.
Already at the beginning of the race two flying groups were formed, one closed to the ridge and one in the flats (where we were with Yassen).
Thanks nice clouds we could fly a little faster than the group in the mountain.

It was clear for me that the competition will be decided when we will fly south over the ridge to the next turn point and the goal in flats by Potio.

Me and Yassen we didn't want to make dummies for others at this place and there were 5-6 gliders in front of us when the race was stopped in the air because of thunderstorm danger.

In my opinion the task was stopped late because in-between the clouds have grown in enormous sizes.

The performance of the new Magus is very good. The canopy provides a secure feeling, and has good handling.
Even when gliding with others I couldn't realize any disadvantage.

The next day the task was cancelled after ten minutes. Yassen and me we flew further 40 km ahead.
When it started to thunder we safely went for landing.

A big thank to Peter and Mac Para team for constant development.


Today on the way to takeoff the wind seemed to be around 50km/h, so we were all thinking it would be another touristic excursion, but NO!, we could have a task - 80km zig-zag on and in front of the main north ridge.

The task was not very interesting for me, because the sky was blue and the thermals many and multi-core, so flying alone was not really an option.  I had to stick to some group.  Oh, well - it has to be done sometimes:)

It started well for me and I was in the front gaggle just doing what had to be done until about 2/3 of the task, when going towards the last turnpoint.
 First thing to go wrong was that I missed one thermal a little and was no longer in the front.  But then the leaders made a big mistake and went to the big mountain in the ventury.  So I went alone the direct way, which I was sure would be faster.  And it was.  The problem was that I got to the thermal quite low, so had to switch to survival mode, which allowed the group following me to overtake me again.  But I was max. 1km behind, so not so bad.  After the last turnpoint the line was quite good, but I chose to glide too slowly and conservatively, because the memory of the first task in PWC Greece when I was trying to win and didn't make it by 100m was still fresh in my head:)  So I finished too high, 2 and a half minutes behind the winner, who was again Luc.  He's flying really well, aggressive and smart - respect for him!

At the finish we were exactly together with Davide, so it looks like Mac Para we are 3rd team today.  Florian fucked up a little and was 2min. behind us.

My goal in this comp is to qualify safely for the Super Final, so in Portugal I can play with more risk for podium, so tomorrow same conservative plan for me, hopefully just a little faster:)

 Ciao for now,


Just a note about Italy: After the second task I was penalized by Xavier for not having a number on my glider.  I had forgot to put it on.  The meet director and everybody else was saying they should have given me a warning instead, but Xavier insisted to punish me anyway.  He really doesn't like Valic brothers and me, so he used the opportunity...  However, I was not the only one without a number, plus there had never been any complaints against me in PWC, so Goran (PWC President) will probably manage to remove the penalty.