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PWC 2008 - Bulgaria

Bulgaria hill and mac glider

Monday August 4th: 86km race stopped at 16:50

"Today we had an 86km task, first 20km in the mountains, then in the flats and over some small hills.  It was similar to yesterday's task, just a little longer.

In the mountain part I attacked alone in front like yesterday, but this time conditions were not as good, so the others caught me at the end of the big ridge, and then it was big group flying all the way. Before the first turnpoint I took a risk and went off course below a nice looking cumulus, but there was nothing, so I found myself quite behind the first group.  Between first and second turnpoints thermals were frequent, although mostly weak, so pilots were changing positions all the time, while searching for the best climbs. 

The ones in front of me were painting the thermal zones, so I managed to go fast and catch the leaders before the second turnpoint.  After that thermals were generous and convergence zones allowed us to fly quite fast, zooming through the third waypoint and then on final glide towards the "safety" point 2km before goal.

I'm putting the "safety" point in quotation marks because that "safety" point was the reason why the task was stopped.  It was at 1200m in the mountains, just before goal.  Unfortunately for us, the leading guinea pigs, in the foot of the mountain there was strong falling wind, which brought us down like rocks and very very fast we had to go for landing - me, Schmocker, and I think Charles Cazeau also.  The ones coming after us saw the situation was ugly and were not pushing as much, so they arrived higher and managed to stay up for several minutes, but the rotor action was too much, so there were a couple "level 3" calls and the task was stopped without anybody taking the "safety" point.  Quite a stupid end to a good day of flying, but the weather forecast is looking good, so no worries.  Tomorrow we keep going.



After 3 flatland tasks we got 96 km ridge flying for the discipline today. We flew to the different direction as previous days, to the west. First part of the task was easy and fast, but on the turnpoint there was some cloud coverness and many pilots made a mistake. Thomas made some mistake on the beginning and we flew some kms behind, all other Macpara pilots were good positioned. The leading group got really good weather situation on the last part of the task so we flew under the clouds on full speed and fighting each other  to win the task. But when we went out of the mountains it was not so fast anymore, we were to low. Andy Aebi and some others were to low and finished before last turnpoint, I flew different line together with Gregory and Nikolay in front of Yassen to the last turnpoint. We had some head wind and we were not sure about finishing the task. Nikolay got some bubble at the turnpoint and got some metres more alttitude, which gave him  fpossibility to win the task. Me, Gregory and Yassen were to low and before the goal line we had to do some extra circling, because of that some pilots beated us and we finished around 10 place.

The organizer set 100km long task, flying mostly on the ridge. Before entering this discipline in the instrument we saw some congestus clouds developed close to the take off so we were really sceptical about this task. Goran Dimiskovski from Macedonia wanted to have more short task and more local, which the task comitte didn't accepted. But they should, because before last 20 kilometres there was all dark on the north.
Flyng until that time was amazing, first part of the task I flew alone in the front, but on the turnpoint leading group catched me. We flew than back on the ridge, lots of pilots were still in the game. Then we flew also little bit also in the rain and there was a debate on radio about stopping the task. It was difficult to predict what will happen, I tried to be in the front of the leading group in the case of stopping.
After 5 minutes of talking about they finally made a decision, they stoped the task because of thunderstorm. Best positioned pilot that moment was Rafal Luckos, Yassen me and Thomas finished in top 10, Drouin and Gregory were one or two km behind us.

Last day
The difference between the best pilots is really small, so we all expect nice final task. The weather condition was not so good as previous days, before starting cylinder we had some weak but rough thermals. During the task we flew first on the ridge, thermals were stronger but still quite rough, it was difficult to fly against the wind to the first turnpoint. Anyway, we were in good position, specially me and Thomas. Yassen made some mistake on the beginning and then he pushed with his Magus some kms after the leading group. The last part of the task was flatland flying again, we flew against the wind to the goal in Banja. Mostly all pilots were in the same position before entering to the flatland, so I tried to be concentrated as much as possible to make a good final result. In overall I was  just one point in front of Tomas,  and from the last thermal we went in the goal together. It was difficult to predict if we will manage to finish the discipline with strong head wind specially in lower level. Lots of pilots landed before the goal line. We pushed as much as possible, I managed to catch Tomas, but later I got some collapse and I finished this "manoeuver" 50 meters below him and 100m after. Tomas flew on the full speed and there was no possibility to beat him anymore. First in goal was Stefan Schmoker, Tomas and me finished around 10 place.  The best ranked pilots in PWC Bulgaira still didn't finish the task so me and Thomas knew that maybe we are on podium. Yassen finished the task cca. 20 minutes after first ones. We had to wait for final results to know who is the winner of Bulgarian PWC - Tomas finisished on 2. place 4 points after the Helmut Einholcer, I finished on 4th with
2 points after 3th Caron. This way I am quite disapointed, but on the ather hand flying here was amazing, atmosphere was nice and we have more competition in the future to finish on podium.



PWC 2008 - Bulgaria
PWC 2008 - Bulgaria
PWC 2008 - Bulgaria
PWC 2008 - Bulgaria
PWC 2008 - Bulgaria