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PrePWC Ukraina Open Krusevo

PrePWC Ukraina Open Krusevo

1st Task (27.07.2009)
today organizator give us great 84km long task with lot of changing terenian and conditions… first flying to the 1st turnponint around 20km in the flathland then crossing one mountain and good 20km back and forvard on the next ridge with goal 20km away from ridge in the flatlands…

no clounds today but onse we where in the air we knowed that conditions are strong and with plenty of blue thermals… right after the start of the Race I pushet hard away from others following my own path… some km before turnpoint 1 I was alone in the flatland ~3km before others but I got low and it was dificuld to climb then others startet to caching me… right after 1st turnpoint I foundet perfect 4m/s termal that lifted me right to the base, yassen, matej ceglar, and damjan ceretnik joindet me there and we move on together with big group of 20 pilotst on 6+km behind us… after crossing the mountain damjan ceretnik and yassen made mistake right on the beginig of the next ridge where we fly back and forvard for 20km and they got low (damjan ended there)… after that with matej ceglar we were flying together but on the end of the ridge we went on diferent ways and he sank down while I found strong thermal that lifted me to base at 2200m what was inaf to make goal in the flatland with only one more termal of 200m just to be shure and safe in goal… in mean time yassen cach matej and they come togeder in goal 12min  after me…

perfect start for me on this competition and also for macpara with 2 of top 3 J


Magus 6

2nd Task (28.07.2009)
After Martin beat me the first day by a full 12 minutes, I really wanted to win the second.  Task was: 1st TP about 7km to the South, then back to takeoff, and finally an away and return through the flats to some rocky formation next to the town of Prilep and back to finish below launch.
In the beginning I was in front with Matej Ceglar, but I pushed a bit more than him and missed some thermal he and others got before the transition to the flats, so in the beginning of the flats I was together with Damjan Cretnik 2km in front but maybe 600m below the others...  Fortunately in the beginning of the flats over some hills with Damjan we finally got a strong thermal, so we quickly climbed a bit behind the others, but much higher.  From there I pushed in front of Damjan and overtook the first group, continuing with Matej a bit behind me.  Then he found some nice thermal so I was in front but sinking hard and the red light started blinking about 200m to the ground:), but it was already next to the first hills of Prilep, where I got a good 3m/s and Matej joined me there.  From there I pushed to the big rock formation over Prilep, which looked very promising, but surprisingly I just sank and then had to climb out from low in the lee, while the first group came high and safe high over me.  Then after the TP it was about 20km to the finish and they were 3km in front of me, but then it was me who could use them for markers, so I quickly caught them and in the last thermal I went on final glide about 3min before the second (Martin) and won the day.


3rd Task (29.07.2009
Third day was a straight-forward short fast task of 45km: 10k from takeoff was TP1, then cross one low ridge to get TP2 behind it, and finally away and return on a ridge with 8k each way, and goal.  After TP1 it was Martin and Vladimir (Vlado) who took the lead with their Maguses, but then Martin made a big mistake to go in the sinking air beside the ridge and bricked down fast, while Vlado joined me and Matej, so the three of us kept climbing in a strong thermal behind Martin and soon were maybe 1000m higher than him, ready to eat him.  I led the way to the sunny lee of the ridge, and then we got the ROCKET, taking us to 2700m and final glide mode 20k to goal!  I went first, the others followed immediately, but I pushed harder and beat them by a minute and a half, just squeezing in 35m above goal.  Time: 1h 02min.  Nice!  Martin was quite late to recover from his mistake and lost 5min from me, and then even worse went for goal too low and didn't make it by about 250m.  Luckily for him, the formula of the organizers allowed him to keep 80% of his time points, so still in the game.


Magus 6


4th Task (30.07.2009)
perfect conditions today with nice cumulus base all over the flatland make organizator to set race of 60km fai triangle across flatland…
after yesterdays landing 200m before goal (make speed section but not goal…result 80-100 points lost) I knowed I must have good result toady that’s why I made some changes in my speed system BUT I lost a lot of time doing that and I took of very late… I was still around take of when everybody where at the cloud base… I started the race around 4km behind 1st group (they where around 10 gliders) but with some good desisions flying left forum the rute while others were flying direcly I cach the first group exsaly at the 1st turnpoint where we climbed to the base with some great 4m/s thermal and move on all togeder in wind to the 2nd turnpoint… it was hard time here, every body flying by their own with lot of week thermals and changing positions… 2-3km before turnpoint I made great decision and I founded perfect 7m/s thermal that lifted me up to the base at 2700m, others sow that and tryed to find that termal but didn’t work out, just Tilen Ceglar (magus 6) who was closer to me fouded and followed me to the goal… after that cloud base I had 25km to the goal but I didn’t want to risk and make mistake like yesterday so I went a lot in right (while others where flying left) of the curse to some cloud street that was working all the way to the goal and I made goal 1st followed by Tilen with 30sec behind me with 800m above ground! :0 little bit too much bit there was no other way because that cloud street was working with 4m/s thermals everywhere… others who were flying left of curse came 7+ min after us and some of them even landed some hundreds meters before goal…
Macpara rocks again with 3 of top 5 in goal! J Now top 3 Yassen, Matej Ceglar and Me we are all in 40points deferens with 500points before others so tomorrow is ‘’ THE DAY’’ , weather looks very promising, looks like we will have great final task, cant wait! J



5th Task (31.07.2009)
Before this last day of the comp I was leading, about 40p in front of Martin and 65 in front of Matej, then 4th was maybe 600 points behind me!  So it was a straight battle for the podium!:)  In the beginning conditions were very weak and we could not climb above takeoff almost until the air start, but just 10 min before the start the local boy Martin finally took off and, as he says, "turned on the switch", so conditions started booming, taking us quickly to the start marker and a short and very fast race, 47km, very similar to Day 3.  We had cums everywhere and it was clear that pushing was a good idea:)  So I did, taking the lead from the beginning and flying several hundred meters to a kilometer in front of the others the whole time, and a little higher.  Perfect!  At the end we were together in the thermal with Matej, then the 3 other Maguses about 500m lower, and it was a very similar situation to Task 3, when it was 20k final glide, only this day it was only straight line.  I went first, Matej followed.  We flew together next to each other to the finish, where I had some strong turbulence so he beat me by 2sec.  Time exactly like task 3 - 1h 02min.  Martin and Vlado came about 4 min later, but just before the ESS (end of speed section) they were about 30m from the ground and looked like they were landing, but NO! they found something and together climbed 150m, to finally come to goal and celebrate with me and Matej and a case of beer from the gas station and everybody else coming to goal our victory!
So Overall 4 Maguses in top 5! including Martin and Tilen, who are only 19 years old but flying very well now and improving!  Cheers to Matej, too, who was flying Magus until this competition and just decided to go back to Magus for the Super Final.




1st place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

3rd place Martin JOVANOSKI (Magus 6)

4th place Tilen CEGLAR (Magus 6)

5th place Vladimir NEDELKOVSKI (Magus 6)

 Macedonian Open

1st place Martin JOVANOSKI (Magus 6)

2nd place Vladimir NEDELKOVSKI (Magus)

We congratulate to all competition pilots

Yassen Savov