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Product news

Mun Gyeong-South Korea-PWC

Paraglidıng World Cup 2011

1st Task ( May 17. 2011)
A task of 74 km in good and very good thermal conditions (up to 11m/s)
I took off early because everyone who is already in the air climbs easy. With my new Magus 8, I can quickly climb and I arrive to cloud base already 30 minutes before the start of the race. As we have fly into flatland as I was not in front and I chose a conservative style with enough altitude just 1 km behind the first 5 pilots. The wind blows from back and is good. I could not believe to my eyes when I saw the first group in the flats. They climb very quickly.
It was already clear, it will be very difficult to catch them up so I chose a different new line to the right of the leading group to glide and to target at 40 km distanced goal and make final glide with more back wind and may be able to win. This way I followed and turned only in good thermals.  When my GPS satisfactory glide shows I start my final glide to the goal.   at 50% accelerated flight and I hit 11m/s thermal. At 100 of accelerator it still climbs 9m/s so I had even fly more to the right to avoid the permitted altitude of 2000m before the last turning point. When I reached the goal I had to realize a too long detour to win at this day. 17th place in the PWC? It is not bad.



17th place Florian HALLER (Magus prototype)

2nd Task ( May 18. 2011)
With a lot south wind a Speedrun of 53 km is announced. I try to start early again and go, with closed trimmers in the air because the thermals this time really does not rocket us in the sky. In the gaggle I realize that I am again climbing very good and am soon one of the highest. From the beginning I let a one group to fly in front because the wind is stronger than expected. When I reach the start cylinder I do accelerate and fly with 60km/h of airspeed to get closer to leading pilots. Already by the second turnpoint, I arrive with the leaders. But! I have to say I'm in the lee of the mountain where the turnpoint is. I try to climb up in a lee side thermal. After few collapses I succeed.  The Magus 8 stays easy to control for me and I say “Thanks for good job Magus 8 designer” when my GPS whistles and its arrow to an other direction is pointing. With less of accelerator and more of altitude, I could also avoid this error.  On the next hill I already found the thermal and followed the flight. Behind me, it washed many pilots downwind of the mountain down and they had to land willy-nilly.
Logically in the strong wind at lee side Level 3 domineers. Now I fly higher, securer with a group of seven pilots the rest task. In the last thermal three Mantra pilots flew early and risky to goal against the wind. Two of them managed it before me to make the goal.

So I'm third (Yippee). Fifth in the overall ranking of PWC Korea with MAC PARA.  Super final, I'm coming.



3rd place Florian HALLER (Magus prototype)


By a very difficult weather conditions only two tasks could be flown even Mr. Gin and his team tried everything possible. We can not influence the weather.

Knowledge from Korea:  Magus 8: climbs, glides, safety of the finest.

Fly In Peace


5th place Florian HALLER (Magus prototype)

We congratulate to all competition pilots