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Mexico - Valle de Bravo

 Valle de Bravo Pre-Worlds 2008

1st place - Valic Urban

2nd place - Valic Aljaz




Hello all, 

today again sun shine and blue sky....

The set a task of 91km, the 3 first are Flying Magus! Once  more  the  Valic brothers in front, Urban win, Aliaz second,Greg Third....  The  only  problem was the wind in the goal....Sometimes gust around 40km/H. Hopefully nobody had a big injure.




Hi there

Last task on Monarca Open was nearly 65 km long with goal in Valle de Bravo. Conditions were quite strong but later in flats little  weaker because of big convergence clouds.  Urban  and  Greg  lead  the  task almost all the way.  I flew litlle behind more tactically because of 200 leading points that i had. On the semi-final turnpoin I was on the top of second group just 1km behind Urban and Greg. We pushed in big lee of mountain Urban and Greg. found big termal I just missed it. Bad luck! The worst was I coudn't overfly plateau and I had to land at height just before the goal. Urban won the task  and Greg came second. So 6 tasks all won by Valich brothers 3 tasks Aljaz 3 tasks Urban and of course MACPARA. We already started with preworlds irst task wins Urban. Second task wins Aljaz. We will writte you more about it later,
we are very tired!!!








* photos with training days