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Buzet - Croatia - PWC

Paraglidıng World Cup 2009

1st Task ( 12th July 2009)
Today we had cca 60 km task.
First half mainly along the ridge of the takeoff, then in front over some lower more tricky terrain.

From the beginning we were in front with Karel, but after TP2 he missed the good thermal and never recovered after that.  Then came the most tricky and controversial part of the task, when we were going back to take off.  I was 4th then, pushing directly to the low ridge, low, hoping to catch the ridge in the perpendicular wind from West.
Wyss was a little in front of me and higher with Erwan Didriche and one more Niviuk, with the big first group one k behind.  Most pilots chose this direct way, but it was too much wind and rotor for some, so maybe 50 pilots landed there.  Many said "Level 3" because they could not manage these difficult conditions.  For me it was no problem, really, my Magus is perfect for rough air, very stable, so perfect for me:) 
At the end of the ridge I caught Stefan and Erwan and we made transition together in front to the far South turnpoint.  In the next thermal Erwan could not climb so well and pushed in front too soon, then sank out, and it was me and Stefan in front.  About 5 km before TP4 he made a mistake and didnt come to my thermal, then on the way back from TP4 he was too low and got stuck on a small ridge, I overflew him, got a good thermal, and then it was easy to win the day.  Great flying with Stefan, by the way!

Stefan came to goal 6min 30sec behind me, then Aljas and Primoz Podobnik 15min after Stefan.  4 Maguses out of 15 gliders in goal.
Good start, and we keep going:)




1st place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

8th place Nicolas RIEUSSET (Magus 6)

9th place Vladimir NEDELKOVSKI (Magus)

12th place Karel VRBENSKY (Magus 6)

Yassen SAVOV

3th Task ( 14th July 2009)
After second task, where me and Yassen flew in front with group of 3 other pilots and landed on the way, we can say now that this terrain is really unpredictable and difficult to fly. With two pilots on the ground in the middle of the race MACPARA team did not do well that day, only Karel made a goal with just a few more pilots... But task three was ANOTHER story!
I took off really late because I realised my batteries in the instrument are not charged completely and I decided to charge them for 10 minutes more. All others were climbing in weak conditions, up to cca. 1500m cloudbase that time. I knew I will get them somehow today. At the starting cylinder I was still some meters behind, but with good decision before the turnpoint Buzet I come directly above the main gaggle. Some pilots were to low to climb again after this flatland turnpoint, including Karel. Me and Yassen flew in front in the second part of the race, he was controling the situation with other top pilots, I have nothing to loose after two bomb out tasks and I pushed in front. And today this tactic worked out quite well. First group of 10 pilots got nice climb before the flatland turnpoint Hum. Some of us got some more altitude in really weak thermal close to the turnpoint, which allowed us to jump into the next weak thermal. So in the game to win stayed only 4 pilots – me, Caron, Gin and MiniMAX. I started the final glide 300m after Gin and MiniMAX, but with fast and stable MAGUS it was easy job for me to pass them and to win the task! This is the second win for MACPARA out of three task this week. Yassen also arrived in goal today, and now he is leading the competition! Cross fingers for more days like today!



1st place Gasper PREVC (Magus)

7th place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

12th place Martin JOVANOSKI (Magus 6)

12th place Vladimir NEDELKOVSKI (Magus 6)

Gasper Prevc

5th Task ( 16th July 2009)
We had finally some changing of the wind direction from south to north yesterday, so due to the weather forecast the organizer set again flatland task – first part we flew on the ridge and then more than 40 kms to the south turnpoint close to city Pazin and to the goal below Ucka. Yassen had some problems after the take off and he had to land there and take off again – the problem was that he could not find the pipe for drinking water – it seems that this is really important for him to stay concetrated all the race, so he rather decide to land and be prepared 100% for this difficult task. He catched us in the first flatland thermals, we flew really slow that time. It was really boring flying, we slowly continued into the wind and we were all the time low and scared about bombing out. After the second turnpoint I came to the thermal with Yassen really low, but we got some climb and we were back in the game – manny pilots landed on this part. The next thermal was amazing – we got 3m/s up to 2100m to the cludbase, so we woke up immediately and we were prepared for the final glide. Yassen made little mistake in last thermal and he was a bit lower than first ones. I fighted again to win the task, but the glide was really difficult and i rather stop few kms before and gain some more altitude for safe landing in goal – first 2 pilots have some luck and made the goal really low.
So also after the 5th flatland task MACPARA is still in the game! Yassen and team MACPARA are leading!!! Today is the final race and we will try to do best!



8th place Gasper PREVC (Magus)

16th place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

Gasper Prevc


6th Task ( 17th July 2009)
Last day - 73k task, first about 30k SE on the main ridge, overlooking the sea to the left, then back to W of takeoff, then one more point at Buzet, then 2.4k back to the ridge and finish of speed section, and then goal line 1k down in the Buzet valley.

Before this last day I was still leading 68 points in front of Armin Eder and more than 250 in front of the third, so the objective was to 1st not bomb out and 2nd control Armin throughout the race.  After the first glide on course the whole gaggle almost had to land, we got up again from very low and with very weak bubbly thermals, maybe 20 landing there.  The leading gaggle left the thermal quite low, but managed to connect after.  With Armin we didn't have to risk, so stayed climbing together about 5 min more, then left safely together about 4k behind, but in good controlling position, using the leaders as markers.  I pushed more than Armin and started safely pulling away and chasing the leaders.  After that I was always high and safe, just controlling and passing people, beautiful, enjoying the sea to my
side:)  After I turned back from TP1 it was easy cruising with the wind, then I met Armin going to TP1 about 3-4k behind me, so then I knew I will win the competition.  We were just cruising together with Alberto Vitale and enjoying the beautiful flight, chatting on the
way:)  When we reached TP2 there were two possible decisions for attacking the goal, one fast but risky straight over the valley, the other slower but sure going upwind over the ridge and then downwind to last turnpoint and goal.  Stefan Wyss chose the risky option and won the day about 8 minutes in front of the second, just like in France, again making podium from way behind!!  Fucking good pilot!!  I made it about 15 min after him and 7 after the leading gaggle, taking 11th place for the day and comfortably winning the competition with about 150 pints in front of Armin.

Gasper risked too much at the end, because he was trying to make top 3, but then just couldn't make the end of speed section cylinder and we sadly watched him go land 1k from goal.  But Karel saved the situation again, thus ensuring us Best Team in the comp!  Yeesss!!!

So at the end of this very tricky competition it was amazing to me that I made triple victory and stepped on the top of the podium 3 times this evening!  1st Overall, 1st Team, and 1st ever PWCA European Champion!!!  Party ON!!!

Ciao from Croatia,


11th place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

14th place Karel VRBENSKY (Magus)



 Team Results

1th place MAC PARA TEAM
(Yassen SAVOV, Gasper PREVC, Karel VRBENSKY)

Team Macpara


 Open Results Buzet (Comp-Open)

1st place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

10th place Gasper PREVC (Magus)

 European Overall Results

1st place Yassen SAVOV (Magus 6)

11th place Gasper PREVC (Magus)

We congratulate to all competition pilots

Yassen Savov