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For the best results and minimising the weight, think about the size and proportion of your advert on the glider. The coloured material weighs 55g/m2, thus you can calculate the approximate additional weight and its potential effect on your flying pleasure, mainly during take-off.


Adverts on paragliders can be made from two different materials:

1) adhesive Skytex
2) adhesive foil

The production process is the same for both materials. According to the logotype (original ads delivered in curves) we cut the material and then place on the canopy.

The properties of both materials differ.

1) adhesive Skytex

very firmly adheres to the glider, and is as flexible as fabric of the canopy

if you remove over time the advert from the canopy the glue stick remains on the canopy (it sticks the canopy and take dust on it)

the advert is partially transparent and the colors mingle with the fabric of the canopy.
  -it is impossible to make the advert in white color
  -less choice of colors

2) Foil

the foil is opaque, it is possible to produce white surface ads
wide range of colors

removing the ad from the canopy is easy, the glue remains less on the canopy

the foil has a different type of adhesive and initially slightly less adheres to the surface of the glider, the time to complete the connection with the fabric is longer

it is thicker and not so much flexible as the fabric of the canopy, especially at low temperatures
  -the ad looks darker in the backlight


Foil for advertising


Skytex range
Value 8/8 is most resistant to UV

 Skytex Blue  Skytex Red  Skytex Yellow  Skytex Lime
 Skytex Orange  Skytex Violet  Skytex Gold  Skytex Bordeaux
 Skytex Black  Skytex White  Skytex Grey  Skytex Bronze