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Adverts on gliders
 Adverts on gliders

As a world leading paragliding manufacturer, MAC PARA offers clients the special service of applying advertising logos to the canopy of your paraglider.

The best results can only be obtained when the advertising is applied during the manufacturing process before lines are attached to the canopy and the cloth is clean without any wrinkles. We pay high attention to material selection, ensuring that production quality is maintained at the highest level. 

Black, red, orange, grey, gold, blue, turquoise and violet are the available material colours for your advert, we can make every size of advert, but be aware of the increase in weight. Glider weight has a big influence on take-off characteristics. For this reason for many years we have used the light-weight cloth Skytex 40. Please remember that by applying heavy advertising you change the behaviour of your glider. This is especially applicable to tandems. 

For the best results and minimising the weight, think about the size and proportion of your advert on the glider. The coloured material weighs 55g/m2, thus you can calculate the approximate additional weight and its potential effect on your flying pleasure, mainly during take-off.

For proposal and calculation you can send us an ordinary bitmap picture (jpg; tiff; gif; bmp) but for preparation for cutting we need your source picture or text in curves, the best for us is *.cdr (Corel) file format ( in curves !) saved in version 9. If this is not possible for you, we can transform bitmap to curves for extra costs.