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Product news


 Harness Haven



Sup to 165cm
M165 - 175cm
L175 - 185cm
XL185 and up


Comfort as a warm home!

The HAVEN is an aerodynamically cut enclosed light harness designed for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. This compact harness provides highest degree of comfort. The harness is well balanced thanks the height of the main carabineers and size of the seat plate. Excellent feed-back from the glider to the harness with good dampening of ABS system when short adjusted on chest strap.

For preservation of the low weight it is made of light rip-stop Cordura and stretchable Soft Shell material. The shape of leg and side covering is made from elastic Soft Shell material. It is designed together with the back pocket to decreases drag and guarantees a smooth surface. This minimize a turbulent air flow around the harness.


Designed to Make You Look Good!

Featuring an ergonomically formed standard Kevlar seat plate and the standard Kevlar foot-plate. The seat is supported by adjustable straps in front and back to adjust the exact angle of the plate. The back is made from a breathing mesh material to reduce sweating.

We paid special attention to the optimal support of lumbar area and our design provides the maximum comfort in flight. Those pilots, who know how painful it can be after 8 hours in the air, will understand what we are speaking about. The pilot's body is perfectly supported in the back, shoulder and legs area. The Haven guarantees the comfort!

A smooth lining to the shoulder straps and leg strap system enable easy movement during take off. The weight of the harness is 5,45 kg including foam protector, cockpit and MACPARA LockJaw carabineers.

Ball bearing pulleys enable error-free routing of the speed-system without either foot banking up. Placement of the pulleys warranty, that the pilot's position in the harness remains identical during activation of the speed system, with no resulting increase in aerodynamic drag.


Well protected

The harness is equipped as standard with a 23 cm foam protector.
LTF certification is in process. The harness is equipped with a long life three step speed system.

The shoulder straps don't slip down thanks to an auxiliary strap with a plastic clip. A well-designed back pocket system enables easy assembly of the harness and packing in a rucksack. 

The rescue canopy is placed under the pilot's legs towards the front of the seat. A sufficiently large deployment system guarantees easy removal of the rescue canopy from the outer container. The red colored reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach.

The Haven is equipped as standard with a light cockpit with velcro for instruments. The design of cockpit enables visibility of instrument screens.
The Haven is featuring a light T-Lock system as prevention of forgetting to fasten the chest and leg straps.  In order to properly close the leg cover the pilot is required to grasp T-Lock system buckle leading from the leg strap, and is thus reminded to close chest and leg straps.



 Technical description
Max. load:
 120 kg
Karabiner distance:
 45-55 cm

Weight inclusive back
protection (carbon plate):

 (without rescue chute): 5.45 kg
(without back protection): 4.50 kg

Back protection:Styrofoam protection; 23 cm
Rescue system:Integrated container (tunnel system)
under the seat plate with a lateral handle.

Temperature comfort of light covered paragliding harness
Light buckles on chest and leg straps
Harken ball bearing speed system pulleys make use
of speed system very easy
Carbon plates on seat and rest bar
Three step speed bar
23 cm foam protector as standard
Harness sensitivity in-flight adjustable (ABS),easy weight shifting
Large back pocket
The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach
Excellent mobility whilst in the harness
Proven light Cordura material
Aerodynamically cut with new design look
Excellent support to the back and shoulders
Adjustable angle of seat plate
 Comfortable support of legs
Weight of the Haven L is 5,45 kg incl. foam protector and karabineers