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Product news

For beginning of the season


Eden 5
LTF/EN-B certification process of the
Eden 5 - 24 and the Eden 5 - 30 are finished.

Test report and videos from tests:

Eden 5 - 24

Eden 5 - 26

Eden 5 - 28

Eden 5 - 30

 Eden 5



Muse 3-21, Yukon 19 are still in certification process but most of the flight tests are already finished.

The Muse 3 in size 21 offers amazing performance in the LTF/EN-A category.

The Yukon 19 is an ultra-light hike and fly paraglider in the EN-B category and EN-D category by loading 70-95kg.

Powered glider Chronos 25 has already passed all Flight tests, Schock and Loading tests. We are rushing needed paper work to finish its certification..




We have received some nice videos from MAC PARA pilots.
We are delighted to share them with you.