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Product news

Eden 5

Eden map

Paraglider Eden 5


 Eden 5 - 3D Design


The New and Improved MAC PARA Eden 5   

This New Mac Para glider was a challenge for R&D team. How do you improve on something that has been  proven to be such a successful paraglider for thousands of paraglider pilots around the world? Finally the wait is over for the new fifth generation  of the Eden!


The Tradition Continues

After hundreds of hours making different prototypes, testing and developing the next greatest paraglider design, R&D Team has unleashed their skills to make the new Eden 5 better than ever. Guaranteed! It is an other dimension.

Mac Para is pleased to announce the latest EN B sport class paraglider. The new Eden 5 will continue the tradition of well-balanced performance, sporty handling and reliable safety for pilots looking to fly the best.


Another Best Selling Glider

The Eden Series has always made flying fun and significantly easier. The new performance features, handling and safety found in the Eden 5 will appeal to many free flight and paramotoring pilots in search of the perfect paraglider.  Are you looking for a paraglider that gives you confidence any day you want to go flying? The Mac Para Team can ensure the Eden 5 will put a smile on your face.


Performance Highlights 
 Precision handling with outstanding climb.

Great cross country potential with phenomenal glide.

Love flying while feeling comfortable in various conditions with safe EN B certification

Proven construction materials for long time use.

Quality workmanship that have kept Mac Para in business for over 22 years!

Ease of use performance features to maximize your flights.

Confidence building safety for unlimited flying adventures.

Latest updated design for many years of flying fun.

Very high passive safety and neutral behavior in extreme situations.

Perfect for both free flight and powered paragliding.


Quality Construction and Design  
 3.5 rows of lines and streamline thin risers for less drag.

Higher aspect ratio for a noticeable responsive feel. 

Leading Edge C Rod Technology for easier penetration and collapse resistance.

New airfoils and improved aerodynamic shape.

Low drag combination of hybrid sheathed/ unsheathed lines for increased speed and performance.

52 cells for solid stability.

External ribs on trailing edge to go further.

Optimalised number and positions of attachment points on the canopy for higher loadings.

Optional paramotoring lines and risers for powered paragliding.


Make it Yours… 

The hardest part is picking your favorite Colour and Size. If you need help your local Mac Para dealer will help you choosing the right size to maximize the performance of your new Eden 5.

Sizes: The Eden 5 paraglider is available in sizes 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 33.     
Colors: The main base colors are Red, White, Yellow, Orange, and Grey.


Safety Certification

Safety is the most important feature of the Eden 5 because of the large number of pilots who choose to fly a glider in this class. The Mac Para R&D Team made a priority designing the new Eden 5 to continue the tradition of safety by added performance. You will feel safe and secure flying the new Eden 5.

The Eden 5 has been certified in sizes 26 and 28. All other sizes are soon to be certified.


Pilot Testimonials

I was a little hesitant to have big expectations when I flew the Mac Para new eden 5 paraglider. I normally fly higher class paragliders but the Eden 5 has opened my eyes. The performance and handling is truly remarkable for a glider in this class. The added safety is a great  bonus for big XC flights.

Ondrej Trcka, paragliding instructor, Marvel pilot

Mac Para has asked to give my opinions on the new Mac Para Eden 5 glider. In my humble opinion it is by far the best intermediate glider I have ever flown. It has all the latest design features like the c rod technology to make it awesome to launch and handling that you have to try to really experience why I love this glider so much. It feels solid in the air and does what you tell it to do. Being EN B im not worried about the next collapse.  I feel I can safely push my limits safely flying the Eden 5 paraglider.

Sergey Elizarov, tandem pilot, Magus XC2 pilot

I have always enjoyed flying Mac Para  paragliders. The Eden 5 is truly remarkable for how well it is designed to make it so fun to fly. It’s easy to launch like the other Mac Para gliders I have owned but I love how well it thermals and turns. It puts a smile on my face every time I go flying. Well done Petr on another winning design!

Joël Mailhe, tandem pilot, instruktor, XC pilot, hike and fly



Surface Top Leading Edge:Skytex 40 Evolution, 40 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge:Skytex 40 Classic, 40 g/m2
Surface Bottom:Skytex 40 Classic, 40 g/m2
Main ribs:Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Diagonal ribs:Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 40 Classic, 40 g/m2
Upper lines:Edelrid - 6843-60 kg, -80 kg; 7343-140 kg Cousin Trestec - Vectran 115 kg
Liros-DC 100
Main lines:Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar
7343 – 190 kg, – 230 kg, – 280 kg


The Eden 5 is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight material with excellent durability; Skytex 40, from Porcher Sport (NCV). Because for any glider, the part that always wears out first is the leading edge, we use Skytex 40 with Evolution coating E32A for this. For the less stressed areas of the sail we use Skytex 40 with E38A coating. For the supporting and diagonal ribs we use Skytex 40 Hard with “hard finish” coating E29A. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable.


Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Zoom [%]879295.7100104108
Fläche ausgelegt [m2]21.7823.825.7528.1230.4133.41
Fläche projiziert [m2]19.4521.252325.1127.1629.83
Spannweite ausgelegt [m]11.0411.5512.0112.5513.0513.68
Streckung ausgelegt5.
Flügeltiefe [m]2.422.532.632.752.863
Anzahl Zellen525252525252
Schirmgewicht [kg]4.74.955.25.666.4
Startgewicht [kg]*60-7567-8575-9585-110105-130115-145
Min. Geschwindigkeit [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Trimmgeschwindigkeit [km/h]36-3836-3836-3836-3836-3836-38
Max. Geschwindigkeit [km/h]48-5048-5048-5048-5048-5048-50
Gleitzahl max.
Min. Sinken [m/s]

 * pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 20 kg (44 lbs)


Certificate reports


 Design Eden 5




Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5
Eden 5