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Paradox map

Paraglider Paradox


Paradox  - 3D Design


High Performance Powered Racing

Der Paradox ist eine komplette Neuentwicklung, die für sehr erfahrene Motorschirmpiloten konzipiert wurde. Seine außergewöhnliche hohe Wendigkeit und der große Geschwindigkeitsbereich, gepaart einer exzellenten Stabilität machen den Paradox zum idealen Schirm, um auch bei Wettbewerben ganz vorne mit dabei zu sein.

High Performance Powered Racing

Der Paradox ist mit einem speziellen 5-Punkt-Tragegurte-System und Trimmern ausgestattet. Er bietet in allen Positionen des Trimmers eine außergewöhnlich hohe Wendigkeit und Gleitleistung. Der Paradox ist wie gemacht, um einen Slalomkurs in Höchstgeschwindigkeit zu umrunden oder dynamische Figuren zu fliegen.

Und wer glaubt, ein so dynamischer Schirm sei schwer zu starten, wird vom Paradox mehr als überrascht sein. Auch Starts bei Null-Wind sind dank der langjährigen Motor Expertise von Mac Para ein Kinderspiel.


Powered Racing in New Style

The Paradox is an all-time favorite among advanced ppg pilots. It is a classic powered competition wing with newly designed reflex-airfoils. C rod technology on leading edge combined with RFE - panel reinforcement technology provide extra speed, performance and stability. The Paradox is a specific reflex glider with extraordinary maneuverability, speed, fun potential and easy launching and landing characteristics.


High Performance Design

The canopy has 63 cells and has an elliptical form with an aspect ratio of 6.0. The canopy has perfect internal pressure distribution and is very resistant to collapse. The construction using diagonal ribs and a system of load-bearing tapes keep the canopy stable and clean for maximum efficiency through the air. Specially designed airfoils provide extraordinary glide ratio and stability. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained using Mylar reinforcement combined with plastic rods. Additionally the RFE system – C rods between the main ribs, and the matching mini-ribs along the trailing edge. The upper cascade is made from unsheathed lines. Thin main lines and newly designed thin risers with ball bearing Harken pulleys help to achieve high speed. The benefit of this new technology is increased glide and lower fuel consumption.


Exceptional Handling

The Paradox inflates very easily in all conditions even in a light, nil or cross wind. The wing offers sporty handling in all trim settings.  It features wing tip steering toggles for accelerated flying. Combination with serial brakes in according to pilot’s preferences can make bank angle of turn even tighter. The forces on main controls are light at the beginning and provide extraordinary maneuverability.  Dynamic maneuvers are easily possible.  In the next phase of braking, the pressure increases progressively providing you with good sufficient feedback. The Paradox is equipped with special 5 point comp risers system with trimmers. When operating the speed bar the speed increase is extremely progressive. It is really fast! The Paradox is not suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots.


Standard Equipment

Auto cleaning slots on wing tips help to keep the canopy clean. Modified semi-stiff brakes toggles are equipped with swivels and additional thin loops to make control of the glider easier and less tiring during long flights. The glider is delivered with quick bag MacPack (optionally with backpack Bronco), inner sack, compression belt, T-shirt and set for repairs.
The Paradox is an outstanding paramotoring glider which is loaded with highest performance and maneuverability. It is fun to fly it.


Make it Yours…

The hardest part is picking your favorite Colour and Size. If you need help your local Mac Para dealer will help you choosing the right size to maximize the performance of your new Paradox.
Sizes: The Paradox is available in sizes 18, 20, 22, 24, 27.      
Colors: The main base colors on 3 designs Lime, Red, and Orange.


 MAC PARA Paradox
A power glider with multiple personalities. 

Testpilot: Lauri Kadakas

The Paradox

For the past week, I have had the pleasure of testing the MAC PARA Paradox.
The glider I was testing was 22m2 and weight range was 105-145kg.
Most of testing I did with All-up weight of 120 kg, so I was right in the middle of the weight range.
Paradox has flat aspect ratio of 6.0, making it on the larger side of power gliders.
Risers on the Paradox are on the slimmer side - thou not the narrowest I have seen on a paramotor glider. They have PK system and Tip-steering toggles built in. The tip-steering system placement was a bit high for me on a high-hangpoint setup and quite OK on a low-hangpoint.  Paradox also has 2D brakes, making active piloting and dynamic maneuvering just a pleasure.

Takeoff and Landing

Paradox inflates quite easily and kiting was just a pleasure.
When trims closed, taking off requires very little running. Just eas on the brakes and add bit throttle and off-you-go. Releasing trims to almostneutral gave excellent control and feedback while launching in a stronger wind day. The takeoff run was a bit longer, but the feedback from glider was good.
Landing is very easy and the glider transforms the speed into nice long flare easily. The brakes feedback is nice and go progressively heavier, so feedback on the landing is excellent and timing the flare is easy.  
I’d prefer landing the Paradox with trims at neutral to give me even longer and more controlled flare.

The flights

While flying the Paradox has 2 personalities.
When trims Closed, the glider performs very smoothly, has very good glide ratio and sink rate. It resembles a bit a Free-flight glider in those properties - But that's what the large aspect ratio does :).
On the other hand, while using the PK system and pushing the glider, it becomes a purebred competition wing. Reaction is quick and turning is sharp. Exiting a sharp turn, the roll was easily controlled with small brake input. Feedback from glider is excellent and the glider went exactly where I wanted to be.
The speed range of the glider is good and flying trims-out gave very good penetration into head-wind.(trims out at 120kg all-up, airspeed 52-54km/h )The stability of the glider at trims-out configuration is good and no collapses occurred on thermic and gusty conditions.
Initiating Big-Ears is easy and recovery good - It requires some brake input but the tips re-inflate easily. B-stall recovery is fast and spontaneous.

Overloading the wing

For one test I overloaded the wing to 175kg All-Up weight - For that I attached 63kg of lead to my frame and harness. Total weight on My back including the engine was around 95kg.  
The takeoff was surprisingly easy. After getting the wing over my head, it lifted the weight off my shoulders fast and few steps of running and I was up in the air.
The lift of the glider is really impressive.
The glider reacted to every input fast and was very nice to fly with. The sink did not increase significantly and the glide was still superb.
Landing Flare was smooth and again, the good feedback from glider and brakes helped to perform a nice controlled flare without thinking about it too much.

Overall conclusion

Paradox is a true adventurers wing. It is not meant for beginners or intermediate pilots but for advanced pilots, who can handle it at its fast configurations, it will provide a flight full of joy.
It is a wing, that comes in sizes from 16m2 to 27m2, so anyone, who is willing to take the wing on, will find suitable size.
I believe, smaller sizes of the Paradox are agile and fast enough to be taken into competitions and perform there successfully.

Paradox - A glider worthy of its name - Easy and relaxed in slow configuration, a beast in the fast.

Lauri Kadakas




Obersegel Eintrittskante:Skytex 38 Classic, 38 g/m2
Obersegel Hinterkante:Skytex 38 Classic, 38 g/m2
Untersegel:Skytex 38 Classic, 38 g/m2
Hauptrippen:Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Querverstrebungen:Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Zwischenrippen: Skytex 38 Classic, 38 g/m2
Gallerieleinen:Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar
8000-45kg,-65 kg, -80 kg, -130 kg
Stammleinen:PPSL -160 kg, -191 kg, -200 kg, -275 kg  


Der Paradox wird aus bewährten Materialien mit bekannter Qualität und Haltbarkeit hergestellt: Skytex 38 Classic von Porcher Sport. Für alle Rippen und Diagonalrippen verwenden wir Skytex 40 Hard mit E29 “hard finish” Beschichtung. Dieser Mix gibt dem Schirm den Vorteil sowohl leicht als auch langlebig zu sein. Die verschiedenen Teile werden so verarbeitet um ein möglichst sauberes Segel zu erhalten...


Zoom [%]879296100106.5112
Fläche ausgelegt [m2]16.3518.2819.9121.624.527.1
Fläche projiziert [m2]14.3916.0917.5219.0121.5623.85
Spannweite ausgelegt [m]9.910.4710.9211.3812.1212.75
Streckung ausgelegt666666
Flügeltiefe [m]
Anzahl Zellen636363636363
Schirmgewicht [kg]
Gewichtsbereich Motorflug [kg]85-12090-13095-137105-145115-160130-180
Min. Geschwindigkeit [km/h]25-2725-2725-2725-2725-2725-27
Trimmgeschwindigkeit - zu [km/h]39-4139-4139-4139-4139-4139-41
Trimmgeschwindigkeit - offen [km/h]49-5249-5249-5249-5249-5249-52
Max. Geschwindigkeit [km/h]
(Beschleuniger + Trimm-offen)
Gleitzahl max.
Min. Sinken [m/s]

 * Motorflug Pilot ausgestattet = Gewicht nackt + cca. 35 - 40 Kg



Design Paradox


Custom Special Design

CLICK HERE you can printed special design on paper, or print to pdf. 


Skytex range
Value 8/8 is most resistant to UV

 Skytex Blue  Skytex Red  Skytex Yellow  Skytex Lime
 Skytex Orange  Skytex Violet  Skytex Gold  Skytex Bordeaux
 Skytex Black  Skytex White  Skytex Grey  Skytex Bronze