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Trofeo Montegrappa 2011

Trofeo Montegrappa 2011

We do write year 2011. We are in the air with the new Magus 8 in the competition of  Bassano to explore the new and unknown glider. By the first task we can see at the launch site new creatures with shark nose, unusual colors, just few lines, some are stored in dry bags and do not even come out of it before the window is open.
The goal of today for our Italian MAC PARA TEAM is:  Let`s compare with all manufacturers latest weapons and as usual try  to achieve as a good result as possible.
When in the air we checked if all glider are flying stable and then let`s start for a task of 60 km. I arrived to the goal without taking risk (although the final glide was flown over 60 km/h). I note I am 14th from the first gaggle.
Second task:

Having a brilliant weather and a task of 120 km I came 23th to the goal.  I did not believed to my vario and glide 13 and stayed too long in the last thermal and finally crossed with 500 m the goal line. My thoughts. Ohh…. My Magus 8 rocks….

Third Task:

We have 17 km to start cylinder and all in the shadow!
Who was not there will not believe it was a task of 63 km without the sun. Slowly, I try to fly to goal line to avoid bombout . Place 21, but I have realized that my glide is great and the climbing performance is outstanding.

Fourth Task:

It comes out again, in every thermal I am always very high. The climbing of my Magus 8 is just very, very  good. The task was very technical and many turn points in the flats. Thanks a good  flying style with the first gaggle I came 5th to the goal. My confidence in the incredible  gliding is growing more and more.

The fifth and last task:

As Luca Donini leads thanks his experience and great flight style for 100 points as I was concentrated to defend my second place. It was not easy thanks my respect to Stefan Wyss experience and his new Mantra R11, keeping the third place. We had a perfect weather and flew 35 km within one hour. The first 30 pilots came within 2 minutes into the goal and  I was with them. :-)
Magus 8 has brilliant climbe, excellent glide and has wide margins of safety. Except a good handling it looks damm pretty.

Fly Mac God Speed                                     

 Haller Florian


The final Result of Trofeo Montegrappa 2011 are as follows:

Overall results
2ns place Haller Florian  Mac Para Magus Proto – 4521 pt.

Haller Florian

Macpara pilots
Prader Egon, Florian Haller, Davide Cardona 

Mac Para team Italy

 MAC PARA congratulate!